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  2. Cool Dude, Very Nice Looks? Thought I'd go for a compliment since he's such a good guy.
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  5. If anyone wants to friend me on Roblox, here's my profile. https://www.roblox.com/users/142782287/profile
  6. It's interesting the amount of things that we try to soon our own. Whether we're faced with something simple like house work or something monumental like completing a project. We often look at what we have in front of us and get discouraged because "I can't do that." But this is exactly the place you need to be. Because you weren't supposed to do that thing on your own. That's one of the greatest lessons to learn in this life. To rely on other people and let them help you when you need it. This fosters trust, communication, and hope in ways that you may never have thought possible. We are all partners in the business of life. There's no reason for us to keep going on like we're in business alone. What are you working on right now? No matter how big or how small, toss it down in the comments and let's take it on as a team. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    Can't Dance Very Nice Lion
  8. I think that we should actually get to get together as a community and help Joe decide what CDVNL stands for (asides from him, obviously) i think we should all write down suggestions as for what CDVNL are acronyms for and let him decide which he likes bests, or if he cant decide we have him choose some suggestions and we vote on his favorites.
  9. ... I could use a better perspective on something. And it's in line with other topics of tonight. Which makes me wonder if I should really speak at all.
  10. I'm sorry, I don't think this topic could be fully written here at this rate. There's just so much more I should have typed but can't find words for, I just don't know how to write. Contrary to the tittle, my life has been moving again. The flow of events however, has been very confusing. Nothing felt real right now, it's like the Placebo Effect got me questioning myself as a person on extreme levels after learning of my psychological issues. I've been walking backwards, retracing my steps in hopes for gaining recollections of my missing fragments of memories. I have vague ideas of what happened in the past, but I truly have no idea which of 'me' were there at that time.This felt like an endless loop of dreams, I kept waking up from a dream only to realise that I'm still dreaming. It all just feels like I'm in autopilot right now, I just live.
  11. Have you ever thought about your thoughts? I know, that's a weird question... "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, I'm just thinking about what I've been thinking." At first glance it appears to dodge the question, but when you look deeper, it can be quite profound. What I'm talking about here are those times when you step outside yourself for a moment, and examine the kinds of thoughts you have going through your head. Are you thinking things that are uplifting and forward looking? Are you thinking thoughts that defeat you before you even get started? I'm sure we've all experienced both... Those times when we feel invincible, on top of the world and nothing could ever bring us down. Then, like 5 minutes later, we're down in the dumps in a pit of despair. I know I certainly have experienced that. This is when It can be good to stop and take a look at your thoughts. Because, truly, we all get to choose the thoughts we think. It's one thing that separates us from other animals - the ability to rationalize. It's been said that with our thoughts, we can make a hell out of heaven, or a heaven out of hell... Meaning that the perspective we assume will make all the difference in our attitude toward a situation. Did you just succeed at something? Well, just zero in on some detail of why it isn't perfect, and you can be sure to feel bad about it. Have you hit rock bottom? Great!! Now there's no other direction but up! I've heard (and experienced) that rock bottom is the perfect place to get started again. Tuck this little nugget in the back of your mind somewhere... and when life seems to be a challenge, you can flip a switch instantly by changing your thoughts. It may just make all the difference in the world...
  12. Thank you so much @Sumner Kagen that really means a lot ^^; I'm glad the shading made up for the lack of detail XD I'll definitely continue to draw !
  13. Excellent work there Monkerstar! You definitely have great talent, you did well on the shading as well. I especially like the very well done trees there across the water. You should draw more often, with practice your ability will only continue to grow and grow!
  14. Great advice Joe! I've found much the same as you. We as humans grow stronger through opposition, so despite the fact that you may think you'd have more energy if you skipped your daily workout, it's much the opposite. The harder you push (to a point of course) the better you feel. The infamous 'runners high' is a good example of this. You mentioned physical training, but I find that there's another aspect people often forget about. Mental training. Now, I don't mean solving complicated math problems or abstract thinking, although that does help. More specifically, I mean meditation. Meditation is just as beneficial to us as healthy exercise is, but it is much too often forgotten about. Personally, I practice Yoga Nidra, which doesn't actually contain any physical movement, despite being called yoga. I find that ever since I've started daily meditation I've vast improvements in my ability to focus (I have ADHD), a massive reduction in my brainfog (some of which i wasn't even aware of until it went away), as well as an uplift in mood and energy levels. It is quite literally exercise for the brain. Spoiler: How to practice Yoga Nidra for those curious. Yoga Nidra is simply one of the many different types of meditation, most of them can help with different areas. I personally use Yoga Nidra for it's ability to help with ADHD. Although sometimes I like to follow guided meditations, or just lay in silence for an hour or so. It's a great way to give your mind a break, and to be carefree for a while, not having to worry about anything at all.
  15. I realize that this isn't the Serious Business thread but, I wanted to ask you a question. You're obviously a fan of science, so would you know how diamonds are formed? They're formed under intense pressure and isolation right? Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh, he's gonna make a metaphor comparing me to a diamond, saying that now I'm a stronger, better person because of this experience." WRONG! You were a diamond the whole time my friend, this pressure just made it stronger. I have never known a great man (or woman) that had an easy life. I want to give you praise, for making it through the tough times and for always standing back up when you fall. Even when you didn't see the point in it, even when you wanted to give up, even when you thought it would be easier to just end it all and see what awaits you on the other side, even after all that you went through, you never gave up. You pressed on, and stood back up to fight harder than before. keep up the great work and always remember: You are stronger, braver, smarter, and happier than you think you are. Never pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to overcome a difficult one. Hope this helps. -Sumner
  16. Today, as I'm reflecting on all the wonderful things happening here at BSS, I can't help but be a bit overwhelmed... There seems to be an unending list of things to be done, and sometimes it's difficult to choose which one is the best to do next. Sorting and prioritizing are not always my strongest attributes, but I know I can be grateful for the fact that I'm certainly not going to be bored anytime soon! So, how do you get yourself centered and focused on what needs to be done next? As I've said before on Don't Worry Wednesday, one thing that always clears my mental fog is physical exercise. I had a theory a while ago, that if I back off on my workout regimen, I would have more time to accomplish the things on my to do list, and thereby get more done in less time. Interestingly, I found the opposite to be true! As my physical activity went down, so did my energy levels... As my energy levels went down, so did my productivity... As my productivity went down, well, obviously less was getting done. Another aspect that I noticed was my level of confidence. It also began to wane as my physical activity decreased. But then, IMMEDIATELY after my first workout, my mood was better, my confidence skyrocketed, and I was able to blast through my to do list with a vigor that I had not felt in a long time! AND, even the tedious tasks were FUN!! This was such an important discovery for me, that I knew I HAD to share it with you all. The lesson: Don't skimp out on physical activity. Get up and do something! Even if it's just some stretching or walking around the room. (*Disclaimer: Talk to a doctor before starting any exercise regimen, especially if you haven't exercised in a long time.*) You will be amazed at the results you feel -- Happiness, confidence, contentment, just to name a few. Comment below and share your experiences! Love you all!!!
  17. I used to do a lot of drawing (but not a lot of human figures and certainly not a lot of faces) so I wanted to see if I could still draw, so I tried a cute picture of Cole and Hareka sat on a bench outside Kanesaki's cabin. They 100% like each other.
  18. Good enough I guess! Did you hear about the guy who wanted to set a world record for destroying vases? I hear it went smashingly.
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  20. I didn't really laugh, more of a long sigh and a smirk but I still enjoyed it. Thank you.
  21. I don't really know what to write, I just wanted to share to you the joy I felt finding an anime character that looks like Detective Detective.
  22. Summary I offended the wrong person online- someone I thought was a friend- I didnt know why, I tried to fix things, and they called me a stalker, slandered my name, made me question my own sanity and events in the past, gaslighting and deleting accounts to cover their tracks, and they turned me into the monster they made me out to be. I became hateful, spiteful, got PTSD, held a grudge against trans people for a time because I found out a misunderstanding involving them being trans caused all that nonsense (I didnt know at the time it happened- only a while into the madness did i find out, and sadly, I tried to shame them for it.) 'Men and women are inherently different' is apparently VERY offensive, and not an observable, scientific fact. Because, you know, why not take it at face-value? Look into it as being as offensive as possible. They gave me trust issues, and broke me down, making me into a manic, insane, spiteful beast that could only shout how much I hated them. Literally. I'm not even exaggerating- I got hooked on revenge, ACTUALLY ended up stalking them out of hate, became obsessed with them, and much more. I got LITERAL PTSD- POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER- I blocked anybody that i thought could be them or their 'friends' on another account, and i got PHYSICALLY sick at the sight of their name- like i wanted to puke. It felt like everybody was on their side- because they had a little cult of 'friends' I was a part of for a short time. They twisted events that happened between us and made me hate myself, questioning whether or not they were right, and i actually *was* this horrible stalker they claimed I was. Somehow, in the end, I managed to use my hatred and spite to push myself out of there, and finally live my life again. It had to have lasted at least a year or so, and it still affects me even to this day. Ive mostly gotten over it- as much as I can. I'm not obsessed anymore, I dont care much anymore- they can go rot and burn for all I care- they don't matter to me, because they were *trying* to destroy me- so their words have no value. I have looked at it from their perspective- but that doesn't excuse their actions towards me, and other people. They were abusive, manipulative, and covered their tracks by deleting accounts I had messaged them on. If that doesn't completely discredit everything they say, I dont know what does. Everything they told me could be a lie. Even the personal abuse stories they told me. For all I know, those were used to manipulate me, making me trust them, and think that they really trusted me. This was years ago, and i've dealt with it- i'm stronger and happier now, but the paranoia and anxiety still haunt me to this day, in a way that is difficult to completely get rid of. Remember that person that was quiet, and i knew I was being clingy with? Their actions were the same ones that preceded that whole incident in the past. Suddenly being quiet after being super open and friendly, harboring some kind of issue and not telling me what I did, before lashing out and destroying me. I have a hard time trusting people when they say they like me, or when they say 'there is no problem' or they seem to be avoiding me. All because of that incident in the past.
  23. Oh! What if it's a Jekyll and Hyde sort of situation? As in, DD has an alternate personality who commits the crimes, then DD has to go back and try to solve the crimes that he did himself!?!?!?! CASE CLOSED! DD DID THE IDOL BOMBING! BRING HIM IN BOYS!!!!!!!
  24. Well, I don't really know anything about the two of you, how old you are or what you want in a relationship, so I'll just give general advice, such as the fact that the best thing to do would be to be honest - and I mean that in a couple of different ways. The first, be yourself. It might be tempting to act differently than you would normally, to underplay/overplay certain parts of your personality in order to make yourself seem more normal, because you may feel insecure about them, because you're afraid of rejection or several other reasons. But, if you are trying to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, than they'll figure it out sooner or later. So, it's best to be completely yourself from day one, lest you turn out to be a different person later down the line. Remember, both of the people in this situation are simply trying to find someone to love, so make sure the one he ends up loving is the real you. Secondly, don't be afraid to talk about yourself. Your past, your beliefs, your favorite flavor of Popsicle, dreams for the future etc. This shares the same reasoning as my first point. Additionally, make sure to discuss more adult matters, such as opinions on money and how it should/shouldn't be spent, ***, children, careers, etc. My final piece of advice would be to develop a deep, loving and harmonious relationship with yourself, because only then will you be able to have the same with others. Hope this helps, if I come up with anything else I'll make another reply. Don't be afraid to ask for more help or any questions. Try to have fun and good luck! -Sumner P.S. This advice is for relationships in general, not necessarily first date stuff (maybe try to save the more adult stuff for a little down the line).
  25. I got asked out last night. I said yes. I now have my first boyfriend. He's very sweet and likes the same things that I do. We have a date next week- what should I do?
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  27. As of late I'm writing fanfiction about criminal idol too ^^ (Well, not really, I'm just converting it to a novel) I think your idea is interesting, yet I can't really think of any other headcanons for him except for one (I accidentally misread your comment and thought of it), and that is the detective having different 'personalities', you know, different people being a part of you? Like most of the time it's considered a mental illness but my friend has them and gets along with them (I can't really tell if it's a facade or not but I choose to believe them) and the detective could have a secret person lurking in his brain, occasionally giving helpful (or not) insights of cases. (It sounds weird I know)
  28. That's a really tough question. When I was depressed a year and a half ago everyone around me could instantly tell that I wasn't acting myself. Granted, I didn't receive any useful help so it's not like it mattered either way. I get that you're not a really emotionally expressive person but I'd say just pick whichever friend or family member you're closest to and lay it on the line. It doesn't have to be a really heavy conversation, just be like: "I've been having a tough time lately" and when asked try to express why that is. But the most important thing is if you need help to not be afraid to get it (talking about medical aid for a very serious condition.) It can be helpful to talk to an unbiased third party like a teacher or doctor about such issues as well. I was fortunate enough that I eventually recovered on my own. Sorry for rambling. TLDR: don't be afraid to open up to those around you when you need support. And don't be afraid to talk to a teacher councilor or doctor if you think you're experiencing depression.
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