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  2. Thank you for covering my topic. I saw the stream and I’ll try to keep those ideas mentioned in mind if I need them some other time.
  3. I think it'd be nice if the site looked like this. =3 I really like that logo, too, btw. I think everyone does!
  4. I recently went on Omegle to try and see if I could meet a Youtuber named Pinkstylist, well instead of him I met a grade a jerk that shot down myself confidence. They called me tranny trash and said that I was born a guy and should just admit it because I have a jawline like a guys apparently and my body build looks like that of a guys and that I have no curves and that really hurt because I have been trying to lose weight. I haven't been very confident in how I look and I have friends that have helped me to feel good about myself again. But this guy brought me down again, I am sure this person is going through a bunch of stuff for them to say things like this and I will pray for them. I really just need help to try and bring that self confidence back up and figure out a way to not let people bring me down like this again. Any suggestions? Thanks once more. -Kendra-
  5. In case you would like to see them cover this topic Karma, they aired it on today on 5/24/19 as the first topic, you can review it on youtube after the show finishes tonight!
  6. Hi, scrapped the other one, so here's a new one. Hey, my name is Michael, but I call myself Aaron. My girlfriend Juliet broke up with me last Monday, and literally the day after she started dating one of my best friends. Turns out she started liking him about a week before we broke up. This has made me more than a little depressed and this situation has caused many other people to leave. I still have feelings for her for some reason. Idk what to do, any advice?
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  8. It was all done in an image manipulation program. I altered a screenshot of the interface. As for specifically what I did, I created the image below for the background, and implemented the rest straight on the demonstration above. I could create suitable PNGs for the logo with the gradient and the bars on the top. The rest is color manipulating, which may be problematic for some elements, though I haven't seen the actual code. Heck, you guys have the upper hand on coding knowledge so really I don't even know how hard it is to implement anything. As for the colors, I made most elements bluer (I can help out with what color for each element exactly), and I made all fonts darker except the text on the top transparent bars, which I made white. That's pretty much all. Feel free to ask about something or DM me.
  9. This is awesome. The only reason the site is so bland is because we haven't had time to mess with it, and I am not that good with aesthetics. How did you put that together?
  10. i've been told countless time by countless people that no one could ever love someone like me, and to have someone i thought of as my rescuer and who was like a motherly figure to me tell me that she doesn't think i'll change and that she refuses to speak to me feels like a knife to my heart. when i was being told that, it felt like i was losing my vision. like my eyesight was fading away. like i was losing grip of everything. my worst nightmare has come true... and it's funny to think that when 2019 started, i thought it would be a better year.
  11. professional help hasn't seemed to help, either. nothing is working. even the person who i spoke of in "Fate & Malice: Two" doesn't think i'll ever change.
  12. i got the last issue solved. to explain further: i've never loved myself. i've never felt like anyone's loved me. i emotionally manipulated people and made them fear me in order to force them to love me. i thought it was the only way. but as i continued posting and continued making more friends, i realized that i can't force myself to be worth anything to anyone but myself, but it seems i can't even make myself worth anything to me... i thought "maybe now that i know what is right and what is wrong, i can fix everything." i was wrong. every hope, dream, and chance i had of repairing what i broke was crushed. i should've heeded people's warnings when they said "every bridge is burnt," when they said, "you can't change the way people feel about you," when they said, "you'll only end up hurt," when they said, "the only way you'll be satisfied is if you kill yourself." i'm surprised i haven't even killed myself yet. i guess the only thing keeping me going is the very small bit of determination i still have... but even that is breaking, it feels like. there's no hope for someone like me. redemption doesn't exist in this world... that's clear by all the drama that happens all around the world. there is no room for mistakes. if you aren't perfect, you must be canceled. well, if that's the world we live in, i don't want to live in it, because that's a disgusting world full of disgusting people. perfection is a lie that i refuse to support. but my words don't matter... not even to me, because no one will listen, and how can i change a world, let alone a single person, who refuses to listen? i can't. it's clear that there's no place for me in this world. i'm hopeless. the future is dependent on a present and a past, and if the present and past are telling me anything, it's that i should quit while i'm ahead. i've lost my faith in god. i don't believe in happy endings anymore. i don't know if any words will be able to change my mind about what i wish to do to myself... but if for a single moment, i lose that little bit of determination i have left, there probably won't be any way for me to come back from what i'll do.
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  14. Things turned around faster than I thought. That situation mentioned above is over but I’m sure someone else might need it so the topic isn’t too bad to consider. I didn’t really find any solution, things just kind of broke off. I tend to have bad luck on these sort of things, but we’re still moving so it’s cool.
  15. Yeah I thought it would be a nice idea for some people (like me xD) who need/have some ideas for lyrics for songs. I hope we can help each other.
  16. This is a short topic but my family has a disease called Alzheimer's and I'm worried that the people that i love can get it even me. My grandpa also has the disease and its been difficult since he can't even speak full sentences anymore it's been tough on me but i just keep positive all the time. I don't know if I should just keep the positivity act.
  17. I have been wanting to date a girl I’ve known for a while now. She seems like a very nice girl and having the opportunity to be with her romantically is something I would cherish. Despite this, I don’t know very much about her other than a couple certain things but they don’t add up to a lot at this point. Lately, it seems to me that she’s finally giving me the time of day on this sort of thing so I let her know that I’m into her and want to date her. That was almost a week ago, and nothing has gone wrong since, except for one thing. The issue is that I’m totally into her, but she’s not into me (according to her), but the way she acts makes me think she does. Other people know about the situation and say that she’s using me in some way or another. She acts like she’s at least slightly into me in person, but at other times it almost seems like she’s being cold to me. I don’t know how I should address this issue. Should I keep on giving her my attention and love and hope that one day she actually wants to be with me, or should I stop trying in case she’s just playing with my emotions and I get hurt in the future in somehow? I also can’t help but think she has some deep rooted pain or issue that justifies the situation, because, from what I do know about her, this may be possible, but there’s no way for me to be sure. Thanks for your help.
  18. Why are you here? It's actually a very simple question at it's foundation. For what reason are you on this webpage? Why have you navigated to this site? What are you looking for? BSS.studio is not merely a place where you can find Static P's awesome tunes. (Though you can do that here) It is not a place to merely read interesting stories (though you can do that here.) It is not a place to merely see wonderful works of art, (you can do that too.) BSS.studio is a place to find a community. It's a place to find people you didn't think existed. It's a place to make the friends you never thought you'd have. It's a place for connecting and learning and growing. Why are you here? Is it by accident or are you here for a reason? A purpose that goes beyond just a couple of lines of texts or a picture. If you're reading this as a guest, sign up, it's free, you can be encouraged and you can meet great people. If you aren't, then you can be encouraged and meet great people. Shoot me a message. Drop someone a line. I'd love to get to know some more awesome peeps. Love Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
  19. What ever happened to time? Seriously, I have so many memories of me just napping days away and spending 4 hours straight just fantasizing up stories. Most mornings I'd think "Man, I wonder what I'm gonna do today". Now I feel like it's "I wonder how much I'll get done today" with a much more negative tone to it most of the time. And I know a more productive mindset leads to more success and is just a part of growing up. But I'm escalating it all too far. I loathe every day, hour, sometimes even minute that I'm not doing something productive. Just last summer and fall I had a healthy enough schedule and I had enough time. I don't know, maybe it's just school and I'll get time back this summer. I hope that's the case, but I do want to get so much more done this year, so my wanted productivity is also higher. All advice and virtual hugs are welcome. Signed, Matt/Cwilk
  20. Car1992

    Kitsu Squad

    Still updating it, but: https://kitsu.io/users/519080
  21. @Princess_Yellow Princess!!!! This is where you share what anime you are interested in and have watched, so that you can talk with peeps about it!
  22. Lol, I appreciate you looking out for me. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry that it hurts to feel. That you probably had to section off literally every part of yourself. Basically becoming numb to everything so that it doesn't hurt. I think that it's incredibly brave to deal with the hand that you've been dealt, and I'm not here to be condescending or whatever it is when someone says things pretending to be kind. I'll be frank, I didn't have such bad cards dealt, and perhaps that's why I take the attitude that I do, I think there's a lot about the hand that your dealt that starts you in a specific direction. But now that you've posted your story, you'd make me a bit sad too. Not that I'd expect you to care what I think, I'm a random dude, miles away in his home office typing a response to an internet post from a stranger he's never met. A guy who hasn't had such trials. But even so, I might ask you what it might be to feel again. What it is to take a moment to soberly (meaning with a sound mind, it's irrelevant of what causes an unsound mind) consider what has happened in your life. There's as much time in life for grief as there is for joy. Each emotion has its moments and I think you've had enough of the negative to fill a lifetime, but that being said, you're here now. Making a difference in people lives. Whether directly, in my case, or indirectly by what you do you have the opportunity to change a lot. And you have a lot of life yet to live, you can make the world what you would like, but you have to be there to do it. Anyway, now you've seen Joe get a little ranty. Hope you're having a good Sunday, or whatever day it is where you are. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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