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Sparrow's Short Story- A True Sparrow Chapter 1

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    Before you read, I dont know if this is the right place to put this but just tell me if so. Hope you enjoy!    
    As the sun beggins to set, a family is in their cabin near the lake.  "Dad? remember that story you told me when i was young?" A young girl asks an older looking man. " You mean the story of the sparrow?"  The little girls father asks.  "yeah!"Alright. The older man grabs the book out of his bookbag. "I was the one that wrote this long ago" the older man says. He blows off the dust and it reveals a book with pages that have aged for so long they have turned yellow. With a scratch mark that looks to be a scratch a bird made. As if a bird was trying to take it, or try to destroy it.

    It all started with a boy in his early teens. The year is 1988. "Shoot! im late again." the kid says in a hurry. The boy is a 7th grader in middle school. his name is Mike. As mike quickly runs to school he wants to get a snack "since im already late might as well get a snack". Mike walks straight into a gas station right next to his house. He takes a few bags of chips, pays and leaves. "crap i nearly spent all my lunch money, welp gotta get some juices or something."

    Mike gets there right on time because some busses were late. Phew, he sighed in relief. "Alright everyone lets go outside because its nice out." Mike goes outside with his homeroom class. Most people played sports, some people played in the grass, but mike he was someone who didnt have any friends. But that day mike was confronted by a girl. She was in the same homeroom class, She was known as the "popular kid" in the class. Her name was Emma. She asked "Why are you alone? You wanna play catch?" Mike was confused about why she was talking to him.  "No thanks, thanks for the offer though" Mike said nervously. "I know you want to! come on." Emma grabbed mikes wrist and pulls him to the field.

    "Emma, why are you being nice to me?" Emma looked suprised. "Why not, besides i saw you were alone so i decided to talk to you!" She was just looking to make somebodies day. The school day ended and mike is heading home. Emma runs up to mike in a hurry, "Wanna be friends?" Emma asks while panting. "Yeah" Mike says happily. Mike walks into his home "Mom! im home." He yells at the doorway. Mike walks up to his bedroom, does his homework and went to sleep.  The next day came, as mike woke up he went straight to school. "I gotta do attendance" said his teacher. "Emma?" Emma was not at school that day.  

Back at the cabin. "Wheres the sparrow part of this story"? The little girl asked. "Just wait for it"  

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