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My first electronic music upload

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Hey Everyone!

I've been following static for several years but have never felt like sharing anything until now. 

Please let me know your thoughts! Still mixing and mastering it 😛 I'd love to collaborate eventually.  (My brother was like "Have you been listening to static or owl city recently?! LOL)

(Made in Logic Pro x with serum and in-house plugins)




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Great work @Mordleif!!!

Very catchy and easy to fall in love with - I really enjoy your unique chord progressions around the same hook..  Plus, your voice is outstanding!

I definitely look forward to hearing more!  Thanks so much for sharing!!!  :no1:

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It sounded fantastic Mordleif! Keep up the great work.

You should start a YouTube channel and start uploading them to there, as it would be a great place to gather much more feedback than you could get here. Unfortunately it seems that bss isn't very active nowadays. I myself am interested in doing much the same, but unfortunately I currently lack the equipment to make anything of quality (mic mainly). However, you have a lot of talent under your belt, put it to good use!

Stay inspired,


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