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Why are you here? 

It's actually a very simple question at it's foundation. For what reason are you on this webpage? Why have you navigated to this site? What are you looking for? 

BSS.studio is not merely a place where you can find Static P's awesome tunes. (Though you can do that here) It is not a place to merely read interesting stories (though you can do that here.) It is not a place to merely see wonderful works of art, (you can do that too.) 

BSS.studio is a place to find a community. It's a place to find people you didn't think existed. It's a place to make the friends you never thought you'd have. It's a place for connecting and learning and growing. 

Why are you here? Is it by accident or are you here for a reason? A purpose that goes beyond just a couple of lines of texts or a picture. 

If you're reading this as a guest, sign up, it's free, you can be encouraged and you can meet great people. 

If you aren't, then you can be encouraged and meet great people. 

Shoot me a message. Drop someone a line. I'd love to get to know some more awesome peeps. :)


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones

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Listened to Static's music, I usually don't like music that's rock/metal/scat/etc... Anything other than rap or pop pretty much. When I find something that I'm unusually attracted to, I follow it a bit more.

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