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On 3/19/2018 at 6:58 AM, slightlyaboveaveragejoe said:

This has been something I always used to do and now want to get back into the habit of. I tell bad jokes so people can laugh. Whether you laugh at the joke, or me for how bad my jokes are is irrelevant as long as you can at least snicker(TM). 

Did you hear about the arrogant trumpet player who always wins music awards?

He's always tooting his own horn. 

I didn't really laugh, more of a long sigh and a smirk but I still enjoyed it. Thank you.

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I once had an argument  about what the best cheese in the world. I was of course in favor of cheddar, and my friend was in the corner of swiss. He thought he was making pretty good points until i pointed out the holes in his argument. 

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