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The Challenges of Writing an Ending

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So, a little backstory. A bit more than a year ago, I came up with a fictional world and idea for a book. I don't wanna spoil anything, but the main points behind the idea was it being a more meta, post-modernistic piece, and it would entail some sort of in-between-worlds traveling, so I could explore these many worlds and build different atmospheres. I did write the first chapter at one point, but I didn't write practically anything else, so this book has just floated in the back of my mind for a year. Seeing some of you share your stories though, I finally decided to take a crack at writing some of the first chapters (I rewrote the zeroth chapter, because the one I wrote a year ago is lost now). 

Enjoy some of "The Challenges of Writing an Ending"! 


Chapter zero
In a lot of books, there's a moment when some character cleverly references or jokes about the fact that they are in a story. This fourth wall breaking is something some stories like to do, some don't, and is sometimes subtle sometimes on-the-nose. For the sake of feeling equal and casual, I'd like to remove this fourth wall right away, here, in the first chapter.
I'm the storyteller. I will be the one making up the story as we go along. I might introduce myself more thoroughly later, but for now, let's move on.
Chapter one
Now, like in most good stories, we have a protagonist. Specifically, I'd like to introduce this story's protagonist, Sam. More often than not, Sam sports a brown jacket, with a simple yet effective white tee underneath. Furthermore, he has some blue jeans and slightly desaturated greenish-greyish eyes.
Those eyes open one day (or night), and Sam finds himself, just awoken, under a tree. He stands up relatively quickly, and although he just woke up, he doesn't feel drowzy at all. Maybe it's the lighting in this place. The sky is mostly filled with a nightly blackness. "So this is what he meant by "the Underworld"," Sam thinks after adjusting his eyes to this place. Apart from the dark skyscape, the place doesn't feel like an Underworld at all though. Getting out of the tree's shade, Sam has the chance to notice that the otherwise dark sky was filled with bright, yellow, purple, Las Vegas-esque stars, giving off a strong contrast with the sky. Everything was further illuminated by the ever so softly glowing green grass. Underworld or not, this place has got some beautiful aspects about it. Nevertheless, Sam can't but notice this atmosphere feeling... off, somehow.
Sam then decides to start strolling towards the barely noticeable noise he hears from far away. He does just that, dragging his feet just a little bit, maybe to try to prove to his body he was still sleepy. I think we all find some comfort in being sleepy and drowzy, so along the fact this place felt slightly unnerving, it's completely understandable why Sam just felt like dragging his feet. 
Along the way, Sam further observes his surroundings to understand this world that Miles had brought him in. "Where is that guy, anyway?" Sam thinks.
Moving towards the sounds, Sam comes across a less desolate area of the Underworld. And wouldn't you know it, shuffling his way through some bushes, he comes across a party, of some sort. There are a lot of people here, and despite this alien world, they all look the same as regular humans. That's pretty standard for most of these types of worlds, though. 
A band's playing some weird mix of blues and rock. The band's clever name, "Underscore", gets a smirk out of Sam. He scans the rest of the area to find-- oh! There they are. 
Amy and Miles are standing by the snack table (which offers mainly biscuits, of all things). As Sam starts walking towards them with joy and pep, Miles notices him, and gives him a smile alongside a head nod up, as if to give a casual "What's up?".
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Chapter two
Appearance. It's often used in stories to convey the characters' personality or motives. It's a smart kind describing characters, so the observer of the story can feel like their actions and plans didn't come out of nowhere. Because what else would you expect from a blonde guy wearing some sort of hoodie 24/7, than to be reserved and introverted? That's coincidentally the exact guy Miles is. Though like any introvert, he speaks comfortably with his closest friends, and wouldn't you know it, he's cracking jokes with Sam and Amy right now. Furthermore, he's in a familiar and comfortable place, as he has traveled to other worlds with SiM very often. But hey, give an introvert a direct way to escape the real world and what else could you expect? Experienced or not, there was a defining peculiar aspect of Miles that was really remarkable. Not only did he understand these worlds, he could... alter them, just a bit. To pass the time, he would imagine a coin, crafting it in front of his eyes, map out all of the details and intricacies, and give it a magenta tint, just because. Then he could roll the coin on his knuckles, make it evaporate as it hits his thumb, and make it reappear by his pinky. It was magic, to put it bluntly. It's almost no surprise that his eye color was as uncommon as he is for an otherwise predictable introvert: magenta. 
"What do you think of this one, Miles?" Sam asks. "Of this SiM world? Well, obviously the yellow and purple in the sky don't really work with the bright green of the grass. And... biscuits? It's hard to understand what atmosphere they were going for, but maybe they succeeded?" "Bad design is good if it's intentional" Amy cut in with a quote from Miles. "Heh, exactly, so I can't really judge this one because of the lack of information about the intentions of the creator. And hey, I've seen worse ones." "A very Miles answer to give," Sam finishes.
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