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Cwilk [EnderBoy 7]

Sparkling Yellow Traffic Lights

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Sparkling Yellow Traffic Lights


Before we sail to dreams and drive to dusk, 
we just might need a little stardust. 
So I'll introduce you to a certain place:
an orange room, 
that's lost in time, and lost in space.

It's faraway, but it's a cozy room.
While under clean sheets, the month of June
revealed through the orange drapes. 
Facing the bed, a closet, shut with tape.
A desk on your right, with modest design;
caught by your nose, a scent of pine. 
Through a newly-formed sliver in the drapes, 
onto the closet door, a ray escapes. 

The monochromatic spark of light
this beam projected is a pretty sight. 
This created flicker dances around
to the rhythm of outside traffic lights. 
As cars pass by, the light jumps up. 
I view this spark with luck in my eyes;
to catch this sight well-unconveyed by rhymes. 
This orange room and surrounding lights
make me humble to get to spend the night. 
I'll see you tomorrow morning, I hope. 
If not with my eye, then with a telescope. 

Imagine yellow street lights across the globe, 
beating a pulse, connecting our own
still monochromatic and beautiful world. 

Imagine a single traffic light, 
taking shelter from the rain drops that intermix. 
Falling xylophone-esque ticks. 
As a drop passes through a crevice, 
the imaginary street lights reminisce
of a time they were all linked together
In that orange room
that's secluded, forever.

Good night

Edited by Cwilk [EnderBoy 7]
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