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Kendra - Art trouble

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As you know I create art and you have seen some of my art as well. I recently have been having to come up with something for my senior capstone, which is my senior art show and I will be having it earlier because of me hopefully entering the education program. In the show we can put are art up for sale. I have a hard time letting my favorite pieces of art work go. I have created some paintings that I absolutely love and want to sell, but no one buys it and the art I create when I am bored and don't like people love it and want something like it. Currently I am trying to create a combination of a North Dakota Sunset and galaxy painting in water color. So far I am failing at creating that and it is getting frustrating because I need to start on it now, so that I wont have to worry about it later on. To be honest I haven't been as creative with my water color art as I have been with my Tik-Tok videos that I create. I do well when I am in the art room but once I am by myself it is like my art has downgraded. I am once again feeling discouraged but I keep pushing because I know I can do it.  I feel if that if my art isn't good when I am by myself then how can I teach someone how to paint or draw if I am not happy with what I am doing?


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