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Cherri - Fate & Malice: The Beginning of Malice

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This post is about the second section of the original "Fate & Malice" post which was named "The Beginning of Malice."

Summary: I met this person who went by the name of Puppet (my life turned more digital as a result of Vamp, who was the first person to care for me and my mental help). Puppet invited me to a server she had, to which I rejected the invite. A week later, she came back to invite me again. I decided "sure why not" and began learned more about Puppet, and I met many other people (girls) such as Naia (who all the boys would chase after), Tor (transgender), Dan (who I called dandan, and was a young girl despite what the name suggests), Shadow, and then a bunch of others who weren't normally on as much as the others who went by Caden, Ally, and others I can't remember at the moment. They were all so different and unique. We had common interests, but we were each very different. I was told that we were all a big family, and that made me happy. Even though we were all different, I felt at home and like I belonged. I never had ever met such colorful and similar yet different people. It was beautiful, the feeling I got when I was around them. Puppet told me (as everyone's proclaimed "leader") that she could fix me and my problems, so I trusted her. I had no issues and was happy, so I just spilled random issues I previously had. She didn't know how to fix me. This was the beginning of the fall.

Issue: This is... well. Spoiler alert: things end up falling apart. This entire story ends as a tragedy... for now, maybe. Maybe even forever. That being said, the point I'm trying to convey is that I no longer have them in my life (since they kicked me out). The problem is, and the thing that hurts the most is, I don't think I'll ever find such a strange, accepting, familial, similar, yet so different and colorful group of friends like that ever again, and it hurts so badly. It's a fear more than a simple pain, honestly.

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