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Cherri - Fate & Malice: The Beginning of Fate

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This question regards the first section of the "Fate & Malice" post which I named "The Beginning of Fate" which I'll try to summarize as much as possible and get to what the issue with it was:

Basically... I moved to New York, made some friends, those friends moved (I didn't mention that part originally), then I made new friends, met a pretty girl named Anna in a way that felt like fate and fell in love with her, and got rejected countless times causing me to go berserk and I became overly obsessive to the point of being a physical threat to my friends. Then a girl online who went by the name "Vamp" (she wouldn't tell me her real name) saved me from self-harm.

I think the biggest issue I had (and still have) with this portion of my life is that I too easily fall in love and get overly emotional with many things, especially love. When I find something I love, it becomes an obsession and impacts me mentally, physically, and in (pretty much) every other way.

Issue: I don't know how to control my feelings (especially when it comes to love) and feel as if I need to be obsessive over something in order to be associated with it like I want.

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