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Friends, I am faced with a difficulty. 

I have lost my grandmother this past week. She passed away from congestive heart failure. She was my dad's mom. But I find myself incredibly saddened because I was not able to go see her. And when I had the opportunity to go with my father a few years ago, I made a mistake and we did go and visit them. (My grandfather was alive at the time.) I'm afraid that its partially my fault that my dad could not go see them. 

I'm afraid that I put to much emphasis on work, such that I have missed out on life. The life of my grandparents. What do I do? 


Joseph Bohan

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*hugs Joe*
I am sorry for your loss. 
Joe, please start with forgiving yourself. I know that it feels like you are responsible for your dad's actions, but that is his choice. And he probably made it out of love for you.
And you cannot change the past. But you know what you can change?
You can change the future. It's hard, but maybe you need to prioritize going to visit those you know and love.

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