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Photograph - Ed Sheeran Cover

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I wish I could say my first song here would be a Static-P song. but with the amazingness of others covers. I can't find something I will be satisfied with.
It's a bit because they mean so much to me that I want to do them the justice I don't think I can. But maybe I can get there if I post something.
As the common idiom goes, "songs are never perfect. there's always at least one wrong note in there." So, here's a most certainly not perfect song.
It's just mostly me playing around with singing it. Yet this is the baby step I hope that will get me to actually release songs I try to sing.
So without further written procrastination, here's my cover of Photograph.


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... I love this song so much... I sing it all the time. It's probably my best song. I'm glad you like it too.

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How do you guys find this so quick? And why is it in featured topic??? >///<

Thank you for the nice comments.
Photograph is a song I remember listening too when I was in sophomore year, which was actually a really difficult year. I had many relationships falling apart in my life. So it's a bittersweet song about love.
I thought about this song recently, both about someone I care about, and a bit about God as well. Loving can hurt, sometimes it's overwhelming, but it can also heal. It's not something I will let myself give up on, cause it's the only way I know how to treat others.
And sometimes the only place you can find it is in a photograph. A memory made, and that's hard. That's so hard sometimes. But still so precious, since love never dies.
So this was all done on using my iPhone earbuds for a mic and an app called Smule. This allows me to sing parts over each other with slightly different filters for my voice if I want because I have a membership on it.
However, I cannot choose what side of the speakers my voice comes out, which makes it really difficult to make it sound balanced. So you can slightly tell that the melody line is out of sync in some places due to it being song twice.
It also allows me to only adjust the volume once, so I just gotta hope I get it right the first time I record each track.
As for the harmonies, I was just having fun. It was just whatever came to mind to sing.

While I have an Audio-technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone, I have no idea how to use it. Or maybe more accurately how to make it sound good. :swt3:
I wish I did so that I could have more control over it. I have found that it sounds similar to how my voice would if it was not filtered on the smule app, so I believe that there must be a way I can fix it.
Though If anyone has any ideas or tips that would be highly appreciated.

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