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Kendra - Family Distance Relationship

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I have a boyfriend and he is currently living in Georgia with his parents, saving up money to come and live in my state of North Dakota. I met him almost 5 years ago on this website called Quotev and when I first started talking to him I thought he was a girl(we laugh about this when ever we bring up how we met). We became friends on Facebook and talked more and more and soon we started to date. We talk over skype and text and call when we have the chance. My family knows about him and where he lives, but they don't know we are dating.

My family doesn't necessarily like long distance relationships because they believe they don't last long and that it really isn't dating. I think that my mom knows that there is something going on between me and my boyfriend and I think she is okay with it. If my dad were to find out, well that would be a different story, because I am still his little girl he worries about me, especially with all that has been going on with the internet. I have had relatives ask me if I am in a relationship and well every time they ask I lie and say that I am not and it hurts. Kaleb and I did agree though that we wouldn't tell anyone we were dating until we meet in person.

I am starting to wonder if I should just tell my family I am dating, but I am also scared that they will say that I shouldn't be dating him until we actually meet or that I should break up with him just because he is so far from me. I love him so much, he brings out a part of me that doesn't come out often, a part that I usually will fake with others. What should I do?


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