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I might date myself here, but it's probably worth it. 

What do you dream of? What's the next step in your life? What place are you headed to next? 

A lot of us look at getting to the next level as the Pinnacle. As an achievement to be excited about. And rightly so, for there are many achievements in reaching the next level. 

But if you've ever played the classic arcade games you know that the next level tends to look a lot like the one you are on now. The same with more difficulty and effort involved. And while that may not sound like a success it can very much a great achievement. 

This is meant to be an encouragement. You are going to have success and it's going to look a lot like where you are right now. And that's a good thing.it means you can enjoy life as it is. For the amazing things you are already doing right now. Like playing videogames, you get to enjoy those levels and trying to beat your high score. Games like Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga, we're all amazing because you would try to beat high scores on levels that were similar to what you had already played. 

The same is life. You try to do better and better at the same things but grow. And do better each time. 

So get going, get to that next level, but enjoy the level you're working on now. 


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones.

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