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Kendra - Denied for my Program

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I am currently going for a degree in art education. however I failed to get into the education program. and I am feeling really discouraged.
I only have one more chance after the second time if I get denied I can't enter again.

After that I will only graduate with a degree in art. (Can't go somewhere else, since it's nationwide)

I love to think that I can encourage someone. Inspire them. 
Make them a better artist. I want to feel I can make a difference.

I was going to be a music teacher but I realized that I loved art more and wanted to share that.
The main reason I wanted to become a teacher is because of this little girl, she saw me drawing dresses and wanted me to teacher her. SO I did, and later on her grandmother messaged me.
She said her granddaughter continued to draw after I left. It made me feel like I made a difference for her.
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