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Ello everyone! I hope y'all are having a great day and sleep well tonight.

Anyways, Hi I'm  an awkward human thing, but you can call me Nina or whatever you want I really don't mind.

I'm 18 and almost out of school, extremely excited to get out of it. Most common hobbies are sewing, writing, jamming out to music & reading. I mainly write poems but also short stories sometimes. I love learning new things, And have a odd habit of walking into odd things happening, so I might say a ton of odd stories. 

So sorry if I come off a little strong or like I know everything,  I have a bad way with words a lot of the time. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes, that is a major weak point for me. 

Well anyways, I hope we all can be good friends.  :0)

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'Ello and welcome, Nina! Thanks and I hope you are, too.

That sounds great. An emoji nodding and giving a thumbs up

It's alright, we'll try to be understanding.

I hope so too.

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Hello and welcome on the forum.

Keep your excitement, might help you later with your things.
You have some great hobbies and if I can say, nice to hear sewing is one of them. Odd stories are awesome, I would like to read or listen to a few later when you're in that mood.

Enjoy your time and have wonderful days.

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