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Introducing myself >///<

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Hey, people! I'm Katie and I joined this comunity today. I'm not good with apresentations, especially because I'm super shy, but here I am... :e5:

I'm a teenager girl that lives in Portugal. I spend my free time reading books (I love mistery books!!), writing my own stories and poems and listening to music. I've been playing the piano for 5 years. I play classical music and jazz, I'm part of a small jazz band from my music school. I also love to sing but only when there's nobody around. Music is a very important part of my life. Music helped me pass through tough times. I've always wanted to be a composer and a writer. 

I'm here because of Static-P. I follow him on Youtube and a few days ago, I discovered this amazing comunity...

... and today I finally created my account.

I hope I can make some friends here. Everyone seems to be so nice! 

Thank you so much for reading this. :wow:


(Sorry if my english is bad :swt3:)

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Hi Katie! Welcome to out fun little community. This is place for wonderful people like yourself to share their talents, encourage others, and make new friends. When we run back around to summertime you'll have to show us some of those awesome musics. @Rayused to get a group of us together for a music chat, which was a lot of fun, even when I was just learning to play. :) 

Keep Being Awesome Possum!


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Wow, thank you for the reply!

I hope I can participate in that music chat someday. :3

I'll make sure I record a video of me playing and singing and post it here.

By the way, what instrument do you play?

Thanks for the wonderful reception!! >w<

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Hello and welcome on the forum!

No need to be very shy, I don't know cannibals around. I'm not one myself either! :e2: Trust me!

Jazz is it? Pretty cool. No doubt that you'll be more than welcome here. I look forward to your posts and keep that in mind, we're not here to eat you!


(At least most of us :e2:)

I agree, music is a wonderful thing itself. Books are great too if you want to spend your time in peace and have an awesome story in mind to think about.

Stay strong, keep it up. ^_^

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Hey, Katie! Welcome to this community of ours. Don't worry much about the presentations, as it's the impression that matters A Ragnarok Online emoticon that gives a nodding thumbs up

It's nice to hear there are more musical people here. Good luck with being a composer and a writer!

We're all here somehow because of Static-P and/or BSS 

I'm glad you created your account so we all could become friends and have fun here. And don't worry, we're all nice Bagels 😉

You're welcome A Ragnarok Online emoticon that emits a heart to show love

(And it's alright, your English is fine A)

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