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Qrow - Tired all the time!

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Im tired all the time no matter what I do to try to help it I exercise I go to bed at a decent time but nothing seems to help.

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@Qrow215 Thanks for bringing your worries. 

I'm sure Ryan and Joe will have covered this, but I think it's important to get advice from many places. 

So your first thought needs to be in discovering why you are tired. Are you tired because you have a physical limitation or is it something mental? Tiredness is a difficult condition because it's one of those ailments that can be both physical and mental. Before you run thirty miles a day to get yourself into better shape you need to know if that's the cause. There's no reason to patch the hole in your roof if the house is on fire. That's an excessive analogy, but it's all to say that you need to know what need fixed before you attack the problem. 

If your problem is physical, you can always check with a physician, there are physical ailments, such as sleep apnea that can prevent proper rest, even with enough time to rest. There are even things like turning off your phone well before bed, and not drinking/eating caffeinated things. Chocolate has caffeine if you didn't know. 

If you're problem is mental, find a habit that puts your mind to rest before bed. Whatever it takes to quiet your mind, so that when you head to bed, your mind is slowing down and not speeding up. 

Anyway, the discovery part is up to you. I hope you are able to discover what you need to do. It should be great journey of self discovery. And if you need anything let us know. 


Joseph Bohan 

One of the Real Ones. 

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