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Dear Friends,

It is the most wonderful time of the year. It's a time where almost all of us celebrate something. It's a time in which we are grateful for what we have and give freely to those who have need. It's a time to share the love and warmth of your home. A time to care for others and to see family. 

But perhaps that isn't what you wanted this Christmas. Perhaps Christmas hasn't been what it's supposed to be for you in a long long while. There are some of us that this is the first year we are celebrating without someone else. This is the first Christmas where the gift we want is something that no one can give. 

But this is Christmas: it's a gift of a promise. A promise that you no longer have to be cut off from a God who loves you. A celebration that He elected to join us in this life; In the trouble, and heartache, and pain. He came to stop the hurt. That we might have life, and life more abundant. A life free of worry, of strife, or of sadness. A life where you are not defined by your mistakes or failures or position in this life. 

All of this is a gift given freely to you. And from this gift we are given the strength and will to give of ourselves. To give love to those who hurt us. To give love to those we have never met. To give love. 

Today, if you are feeling like it isn't a gift, or you're in need of a gift, or you just don't want today to feel like a it's a punishment. Please let me know. That I might make today a gift to you. 

Merry Christmas. I love you. 

Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones 

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