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Separation from what once was to something new without it being your choice is difficult. I find it often will lead to worry and sadness since it was something that was comfortable or something I loved. 
But that isn't something bad to have happen either. Keep in mind that it's something encouraged, technically if you don't like it or didn't want to, you could leave the position. Life has many stories end and at the end of that story a new one is born. Your company from before isn't there like it once was and that's the same as your position, but it also is an excellent opportunity to grow! From your new job you'll get new people to work with and new different experiences you can learn too. Whether those come from new co-workers or a new job description, never forget that you can always make the best of what you do have and that is infinitely better then dreaming about what once was.

I know a similar more recent experience of that with college. I'm gluten free and the college I went to just could not provide the level of my sensitivity with proper proportions of healthy options. I know because I lost 15 pounds and I'm pretty light to begin with. Therefore, I needed to move to a different dorm so that I could cook meals for myself and that would help me to have a kitchen where I could do that. But that meant I had to not only leave my roommate behind and all my floormates, who would put on events and were family while being far away from home, but I had to move to the senior dorm and have all new floormates and a new roommate too And that was difficult to know. My roommate was a really good friend of mine and we would do little things to help each other out and I was invited to little floor get-togethers which was more more homely then the uncertainty of something new. Yet just because it's new and I am leaving what once was behind, doesn't mean that I won't make the best of the opportunity that has be presented to me. This experience invited me to learn about new people and to learn how to move around new places with still keeping contact with friends that not only helped me but I helped them. I wasn't something I asked for, but it was something good that arose from bad to help me grow in a way i couldn't had I not been gluten free. (God's good at taking something bad and making something even better from it, just remember to keep your heart and mind open to His works ;3)

Funnily enough, at the time this happened I actually asked on Don't Worry Wednesday that was run by Ryan and Derek (BetaCat) what I could do to meet and friend my new floormates and roommate. I dont remember who all gave the suggestions, but there was one about making a cake and just indroducing myself to people on the floor as I met them. So I think with anything new it's important to be yourself and to give trust to those who you meet in the sense that you treat them like someone who is your friend. I made a cake (or you could bring in something else (food wise probably) as a gift) and making it a goal to say Hi and introducing myself to those who I saw on my floor. It was scary but they were all nice and appreciated being lifted up by my efforts and in turn lifted me up. Kindness goes far and as Ryan has mentioned before, if you make yourself someone people want to work around or will do better working around, you'll be indispensable and I find that when you are someone others work better around, you'll feel better about all that you do.

I hope that helps a bit, It'll work out for sure Joe, it's an oppertunity in the beginning of a new chapter of your life. 
Much love and Best wishes,
Princess :wow:

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