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Hailey - Tough dream...

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Dream is but a dream. We may take inspiration from it, it may brings out our dark past, our painful memory, or our deepest fear but it shan't be the thing that truly controls our life. I, too, have dreams where I in it I was abandoned by my parents, or being a failure compared to my friends. But when I wake up, 'tis but a dream. The effect is the strongest right after waking up, but it dissipates not long after. You'll most likely forget about it after a day. My advice is to know that dreams are not reality unless we make it to be.

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I'm with Sunnily on this one, I think we all have dreams where something isn't right or we are not quite ourselves. But you know who you are and who you want to be. So, it's up to you which dreams you make come true. The ones you don't decide, or the ones you set for yourself right now. 

Best of luck and much love ❤️

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