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Inktober!!!!! Results!!!!!

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Dear Friends, 

I have spent the last 24ish hours reviewing, revisiting, re-listening to all of your entries for this contest. They have all be so fantastic to see as a part of this page and as I see the people who participated. I think you can learn a lot about people from the art that they share and the story they tell. 

I'm hesitant to do this because I'm afraid if I start with who wins then everyone will leave, but I don't want to give people false hope by starting with everyone who's work I admired, but because I want everyone to be encouraged and to encourage you to collaborate with your other artists on something amazing. To learn and to grow together. 

I'm going to start with the people whose stuff I enjoyed, but wasn't able to pick because I only game myself three options and I'm broke. 

First, @kirby157, whose works, don't stand out for extraordinary color, but are instead a view of life perceived. That they are amazing works of creativity, but also just an observation of the prompt itself, from whales to chickens to cubes. So thank you for sharing your wonderful works of art. 

@Jahotsafits reminded me of the simpler times when drawing was something you could do anywhere with a simple lined notebook and some pencils, pens, and crayons. I appreciate the unique style too. Definitely rocking the spooky Halloween theme. 

@Viv your detail to your pictures and the perspective you took on both of them were quite interesting, they we're definitely in the spooky category and the time that you must have put into such works is impressive.

@Aqilless thanks for giving it a shot with your Kitsune? Person. I didn't realize Cheetos were your thing, but your art definitely matches the prompt and I think it's a really good caricature. It's like one of those drawings you used to be able to cut out and play with and make scenes out of :)


@Kaela MeliusMel and you were worried about what you could post. And then you post a wonderful drawing of a the wizardess? Witch? Sorry bad with words. Luna. I think it was well done and fits really well with all of Inktober :) keep up the good work. :)

@annaports you attempted quite a feat covering ADVENTURER. And I'm glad you gave it a try at 6 minutes of StaticP voice fluctuations finishing it is a monumental undertaking in itself. And I encourage you to work on it more if you decide. Because as I'm sure you found it takes a lot of practice. And you can make something amazing. 

@Toasty your voice is incredible. Especially considering all of your entries were exclusive you and not other audio. And from a phone no less. I was supper impressed with your time and dedication to hit so many of those prompts. I encourage you to keep making covers and practicing. 

@Hailey Hepworth While I'm not sure you considered your cover an entry, but if waving through the window was, it was a great cover, even with limited hardware to do it. So thank you for sharing and we hope to hear more. 

@Zion Mesa My friend your lyrics are amazing and truely I hope you find a beat to match them or perhaps someone here who can help you to make that music come to life. The words are definitely of you I can not express how amazed I am at the growth and emotion you show in your writing. 

Which leaves us with the three winners as it were. 

@Monkerstar had a fantastic cover of Detective Detective. And I mean if you haven't already you should listen to it. I have it posted below. He spent a lot of time working on it. And he even worked with I'm guessing a family member To get the mix right. Which I really hope is something that we all try to do here. To work together to create something amazing. I was impressed because it has all of the play of the original but without the sharpness, which I thought was better with your voice. Anyway props to you! 


@Bre the Kitty I am not an artist, I never have been and never will be, but for some reason this picture was the one that really got me. I think it's cause it reminds me of the things we had to color in school, but you drew it yourself. And it fully captures the prompt of the day as precious. 

(I want to preface this by saying I judged based on art and the ability it had to convey the emotion of the prompt) 

I think one of the most important things about your post wasn't actually in the art itself. I find that one of the things that encouraged me the most is that you opened up our contest. That the first piece of art, that the first entry wasn't anything other that a precious little cat in a pumpkin.  And that I find to be amazing on a whole different level aside from this contest. So feast your eyes on this precious little gem. 20181001_181415.thumb.jpg.cda5eaab7dc174fe0b656a0327ae5417.jpg.efae63407812b5bb4bf8d1ec210c4780.jpg

and that leaves 

@Matlan, dear friend your writing was fantastic, fo a time I couldn't decide if I should toss it because it didn't stick to one prompt or love it because it hit all of them. And after deliberation I decided you that I never said you couldn't. I thank you for your encouraging words and I hope others find strength through your writing. You told a story with the prompts but the great thing was it's your story. 

And I will copy his post to this thread. 


For everyone, thank you for participating. This was a great experience for me and I hope you enjoyed it as well. But please don't let it stop here. @Kaela MeliusMel shared a great drawing with me just last night. And I'm going to move the art to an open thread so that people can comment and collaborate. Thank you to everyone you guys are amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next. :)

If you have questions or want my help with anything, let me know. I'm happy to help. 

I love you! 

P.S. please forgive me for any errors in this post or omissions. I've been writing this over the last 72 hours and on my phone as well. 

Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones

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Congratulations to everybody that won! Even if I didn't get anything myself, having an honourable mention was still, well... an honour. This *was* just for fun after all. Kinda expected not to get anything =P. Though I probably won't draw anything too often, as I can never think of things to draw (even during Inktober, I had so many ideas that were out of my skill level), so apologies in advance if you don't see my art again.

Thank you for all the great content that was made during this past October.
Sincerely, The one and only Keiko

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That's cool congrats to the winners.

That is a good idea though S2AJoe... If anyone has a skill that could help me or, even just supporting me by following or subscribing that would be awesome.


I do want to read the story... Drop it in in the topic S2AJoe.


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On 10/16/2018 at 2:36 PM, Matlan said:

Ok so I can’t really decide on a prompt so I decided to combine them all into one big writing thing. I’m not really good at personal writing buuuut I thought I’d write about something close to me. Hope you guys like it 💙


Trauma can be described with a plethora of terms. One may call it poisonous, slowly eating away at any chance of a normal life you may have. It kills your spirit and makes you yearn for the times when life was still tranquil

It’s like you’re being roasted from the inside out. You fear the day when your scars become evident and there’s no hiding from what happened. No running from your past that day or all those years. 

If only a spell could fix all of this. Some magic genie could come down and wipe away my self-loathing, regret, and them. I would wish for people to stop calling me a chicken or get over it. The past in the past they say but is it really? Does this big beast known as PTSD drooling all over me, trapping me and limiting my every move not exist?

I’m exhausted. I just want to wish upon a star and make it all go away.

But on the other hand, life is precious. Yes, I’ve been wounded, scarred, burned, and everything in between but this life has given me so much, flowing on, even when I was too afraid to step foot in the river. 

But how can someone who’s been treated so cruel find joy in their day to day life? If my mental health problems are more obvious than a whale in a koi pond, how could I find any part of my life precious?

I spent the first half of my life keeping my heart guarded from any and every aspect of social interaction. I couldn’t trust anyone, not after everything I’ve been through, not even my own adoptive parents. Everyone could hurt me. Anything could hurt me. Gradually I learned life is too short to always be staring at the clock, waiting for everything to end. There’s too little time to let people push you around and call you weak. I’m not weak. I am a survivor.

These angular edges of regret and anxiety keep trying to stab at me and some days they do get me but they’ll never stop me ever again. I’ve dealt with a swollen eye from being hit too hard. I’ve dealt with in a train wreck house littered with empty alcohol bottles and cigarette butts that still haunt my memory to this day. I’ve been scorched and bruised and reminded daily of how breakable I was. I silently waited for the day I would throw my life down the drain just like my parents had years before I was born. 

But from this I learned I was valuable and irreplaceable, just like an expensive diamond. No matter how muddy my life has been or how  much I yearn to chop the trauma right out of my brain, I love my life. From this, I conclude that trauma is like hugging a prickly cactus. Cacti may hurt when you touch them but hugs are always pleasant. I’ve learned to stretch my comfort zone reach out to lengths I’ve never reached before. Negative thoughts hit me like a thunder storm sometimes but in the end, I know I’ll be ok. My adoptive mom always reminds me how much of a gift I was to her and my adoptive father. All of the positive things in my life have double the value of the negatives. The positives give me the jolt of energy I need to wake up everyday. In the end, my trauma is a slice is what makes me me. 

And here's Matlan's!! 

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I feel so honored. I’m glad people feel inspired by writing. People have been encouraging me to put more personal narratives out there, maybe I should 🤷‍♂️

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