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Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

That Family Member

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This is why i think it's difficult to forgive my family - "it" is my brother. i hate 'it'. i have saved 'it' from going to the hospital and maybe dieing, but because i saved 'it' from that i nearly died and instead of 'it' going to save me 'it' just looked at me. I remember 'its' face. i hate that 'it' has been hitting me ever since i remember and 'it' nearly never got in trouble. ('it' now has asked for forgiveness but 'it' still hit me but not daily). i can't forgive 'it' if you have noticed i call him 'it' instead of 'him'. i can't look at 'it' as a human. In my opinion 'it' is a monster. 'It' recently was in trouble but, the only thing is, I was disappointed because i have gotten worse than what 'it' did to me.


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