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Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

Taking things personally - Anonymous

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When i was younger i remember most things i was told, like every bully's words and every time i got hurt by them. My mom and dad never hit me and i barely got in trouble but sometimes i wish they did one of those things more when i did something wrong. So, in turn, I took everything to heart every time they yelled at me. i don't steal, i don't talk about my feelings, i don't fight back, and i don't say when i'm hurting. i'm afraid of my dad because he yelled at me more and sounded more angry. i try to forget but i can't. Every time i do something wrong i cry, like if i add to much sauce, i cry, if i fail at sports, i cry, if i get lower than A in something, i cry. i can't look at him without thinking he is gonna yell at me even now and he never yells at me.


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