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Kaela Melius

Sorrowful Regretful (NEW COVER)

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So as some of you know the previous Sorrowful Regretful I posted was me from 2 years ago, before I knew how to use my music program and I wasn't as experienced with singing in a studio. SO just for fun, and completely redid the cover using all my new experience and voice! I'd love for you guys to tell me differences you hear between the new version and old version, and ways you think I could improve this song and just overall as a cover artist. Enjoy! P.S. Sorry I've been posting so much! 



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First... do you ever post on YouTube?

It seems that you have a pretty functional grasp on the recording aspect.

Work on your highs and lows a bit, and there were a couple of times where the sound dropped.

But overall, still great and definitely keep singing.

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