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When the Darkness Comes (A Discourse)

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A discourse on the difficulties of facing your demons.

Of important note is the fact that the Darkness often comes when we least expect it, and in ways in which we least expect it. 

For instance most of us would generally be kind people. I think we would consider ourselves as not entirely selfish, but not completely charitable either. But at no point would we considering ourselves the bad guys. 

Who would have thought that the thoughts within our head and the choices that we made would bring us here. To this place of difficulty, strife and challenge. After all we're the good guys. 

But are we? The heart is deceitful above all things,   and desperately sick; who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds." Jeremiah 17 9:10

But are we the good guys? Or are we like criminals who tell ourselves lies to justify what's in our heads? Because there will come a time, when the Darkness comes and you will have to decide, whether or not you will choose to do the right thing. 

I know that you know what you're think. I know that you know it isn't good. So why would you allow yourself that opportunity. If you want to stop yourself from hurting yourself. If you want to make sure that the Darkness doesn't take you where it wants. You need to set yourself boundaries. You need to be with friends. You need to do what it takes to keep the darkness out of your mind and out of your heart. And to the extent you can. Don't give in to the darkness. 

The darkness is not out for your good. The darkness is not out to do you well. The darkness comes for one thing, and one thing only. To give us Hell.

So, if you're wondering where the up shot of this is. It is in this, there is grace and forgiveness beyond your hurt. That is Grace and forgiveness for those who have given into the darkness. Your life is worth so much more and will be so much more. If you are willing to let go of the hurt you hold onto, to let go of the comfort of the darkness for the difficulty of the day. 

You will not be enough to face your demons, but that's the Gospel. That you don't have to face the darkness alone. That Jesus came to free you from the bondage of the darkness that has so entangled your heart. All you need to do is let go of your life. 

So, don't face your demons alone. You've already won. 

And if you need help facing them. I can help, but it will be you who faces your demons and that battle is only won with you and God. 


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones




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