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Crimson's question: I know this sounds to movie ish but I want to know my inner self I want to know what I can do in peoples lives I want to know my place in the world and how to use it in the world can you answer these?

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I want to encourage you. I'm not always the best at determining who needs me to be firm and who needs me to be an encouragement, so I will do both. 

First, I want to encourage you, encourage you to search, encourage you to understand, encourage you to grow. If my understanding of who you are is correct you are still quite young, which means you have a lot of time to figure out the answer to your question. And I am so glad you are searching for that right now. 

But I want you to understand, you are young and that you have a lot to learn and that is wonderful thing. There is an adventure ahead of you the likes this world has never seen. You don't know what is in front of you all the time and that's okay :) would a dungeon be a dungeon if you knew the layout? What's the adventure in that? 

I encourage you to listen to the StaticP tune ADVENTURER. I think it lays out your question in a  broad sense :)Below:

We are all trying to figure out what life has for us but no one will ever have a perfect idea. We can't see the future after all. And that is what make this life an adventure. 

If you want advice on deciding a certain path forward from where you are. We can all help you to that effect, but we are not fortune teller either. :)

in terms of finding your place in this world. Try new things, practice skills you already have. Get plugged in to a community where you make a difference. ( May I suggest BSS?) 

Crimson, we appreciate you. We appreciate your contribution here, and your willingness to connect with others. You are already making a difference here and now :)

And in terms of a place. I found when asking God which direction to head. Where I should be. It truthfully doesn't matter. If you use you talents to His glory. If you use your life for good. Then your place is where you decide to be. Just live life there. :)


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones 

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