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@anonymous you are not a monster. It's okay to have different responses. So before you read everything. Just know that you aren't a monster. 

Okay so first things first. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough after round one to ask a second question. I think it takes a fair bit of strength to ask a question, but I am encouraged that you feel confident in us enough to ask a second question. 

The reason that we cry is that we feel sad. And feeling sad doesn't necessarily come from the death of a loved one. If they've lived a long life, or you aren't very close with them, you don't have that tearing at your heart that makes you sad. However, when you do something bad, it's something close to you. Close to your heart, something that you are working on and have devoted time and energy and life to. So when you fail it hurts. 

This doesn't mean you're a monster, it just shows where you are attached. So your attachment is trying to do things well. Thats a good thing. It means it's something you focus on. 

But for all of us it means we need to give ourselves a little grace. That is to say, we need to forgive ourselves even when we don't deserve it, and even when we haven't earned it. And after some reflection it can help you identify things you need to let go of in life. 

In response to your putting on a fake face though. That's something I know that we can all fight from time to time. Pretending to be a certain way to fit in, or to feel better. But in order to face who we are, and to grow we need to be Real and honest with the people around us. 

It's why I started. The Real Ones. So those of us who knew we struggled with not being true to who we really were, can open up and explore that part of us, without being judged. In a place where you're loved, but also where that love means that we give you hard to hear words sometimes. 

Either way. Anonymous, I hope you learn to be yourself. That you don't have to be fake and that you are not a monster even when you feel like your feelings are bad. You care about others and that alone says a lot about your character. 

See you around. Spend time in this place and you will see the positive change in your life. I just hope next time. I get to know who you are. The Real you. Without the mask. :)


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones

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