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i regret everything i say - Anonymous

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i regret everything i say i flipped a coin if i was gonna do this message. every time i think i feel sick every time i give my opinion if i say bai first or last i regret it. if i do something bad i feel like everyone hates me. if i say something and no one responds i think i did something and i will regret it. i feel selfish for messaging someone even when they say i did nothing bad i think i did i hate it i want to be alone if i do

From Anonymous

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Well thank you for your question since it was apparently a difficult thing for you. Trials make for growth so I'm glad you could face your own problems. 

I will be quite honest. I have a similar problem. And I certainly dealt with it yesterday like you. I ask questions and because I'm a pretty socially awkward person I think all my questions will be taken as hostile or invasive, instead of as questions to learn and understand. 

So, I'm going to tell you somethings I have to tell my self when I'm faced with such a dilemma because currently I have an outstanding question to a friend of mine I've only recently started talking to.

People have lives. Lives that they are living, and depending on where or how you ask your question, you may not get a response for a long time, or at all. For instance if you use Facebook messenger and your friend only uses Facebook once a month. Chances are they won't reply for at least a month, and if they have a whole lot of notifications they might miss yours simply because they had a pile of messages to go through and no one is perfect. 

Now, for more encouragement. Most people would actually prefer that you ask questions. I think a lot of us would like to open up, but we don't have people that will go out on a limb to dig into our lives. 

As an example. My friends were Christians and I was dying inside after my sophmore year of college. I was broken and I didn't know where to go. I would have been so encouraged by them simply reaching out and asking me questions honestly. (About their concerns that I was not one.) Especially since had a continued down that path the end result according to Christianity is eternal death. And that just because my friends couldn't talk to me. 

All this to say you don't need to regret what you say. Every word helps you to grow and every conversation leads you to something more. You are loved regardless of if you say something awkward, mean, or gross. Your friends don't care, it doesn't bother us, we just want you to be able to open and honest. Cause that's where true joy and growth come in. 

Thanks for sharing. Much love to you friend.

PS. Well I can understand being anonymous, reach out as yourself. Because you are the one we care about not this anonymous person. Unless that really is your name. In which case we love you and your interesting choice in screen names. :)

See you around


Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones. 

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