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Well do I have an explanation for cool. You see the story of your life has some interesting details. If you but think about your life as an adventure. 

For instance, I was once involved in a battle between two armies of ice warriors. And these warriors had a battle on a small plain. And after this battle myself and some others had to clear the battlefield which had been littered in destruction. 

And then the army returned again. And they fought a second battle. And with each bout. There was a growing crowd of villagers from the nearby town who came to see what was the matter. 

And that battle subsided, and myself and my friends cleared the battlefield for a second time. The crowd was grateful for our service though they knew not what it took. It was a task they wished we didn't have. 

And finally a third battle erupted even more tumultuous than the first two, bodies were everywhere armor was strewn from on end of the plain to the other, but in the end. Our ice warriors were victorious. 

The opposing side dragged their wounded and gear back home, ne'er to be heard from again. :)

So yeah, life can be as exciting as you want it to be :)

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