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You may recognize this title from the hit anime movie of the same name. I posted this because when I watched the film I was going through a difficult time in my life, both similar and dissimilar to the  problem in the film. 

What's in a name? 

It's a simple question. Pretty straight forward. Nothing to it right? But have you ever thought what a name means? Perhaps one of the most interesting things I have found in any online community is the way that someone came up with their screen name. It says a lot about the way they think, even if it's just a simple story. 

For instance my screen name was developed when I got fit for my first set of golf clubs. The professional took my measurements and said "Son. You are half an inch above standard height, you weigh a little more than the average weight, and have slightly larger than average hands. You only need to use the standard size clubs. 

Well at that time I decided to consider the fact that I was slightly above average in everything he talked about. Seems straight forward enough, but if you dig deeper you realize that it's a way that I want to interact with people. I'm slightly ahead of the average person. Which speaks to the fact that I want to help people I consider to be in a worse off bit than me, but don't want to be so unrelateable that they would never befriend me. 

You see, names, whether or not we consider them of great importance are just another piece of who we are. 

Back to the problem of the film slight spoiler alert. Its not story specific. But regardless. 

One of the issues that the characters face is not being able to remember the name of someone they've met, someone whom they've shared life experiences with, who know intericate details about the others life. 

You see, at the time I had just moved away from a close friend whom I deeply loved, and who helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Someone who's words I respect and who's presence makes life that much better. 

I hadn't heard from him in a month and he wouldn't respond to my messages. While I feel he had a right to do that, after all I had left him, not the other way around. I was afraid. I didn't want to lose a friend. 

You see, prior to this time of bonding we had fallen apart before. So it was, this difficulty of losing someone you care about, because they don't keep in touch. As though they had almost forgotten who you were. 

So I ask you today, who have you forgotten. Who do you care about and want to reconnect with. Life can sometimes feel like we're to distant to do anything. But friends we have technology that could bring us closer than we could ever imagine from half a world away. What could be greater than that? 

So if I could but ask, Your name? 

Joseph Bohan

One of the Real Ones

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The screen names are an interesting topic for me. I have three I use for various reasons.

For things that are more personal, I use frogfox because it was basically my first. It comes from my nickname when I was very young and my families... Mascot would be the best word.

I also use Philip Deneva and manablood. It's odd because Philip was the name of my first shadowrun character but I gave him the nickname manablood.

All these names have different situations that I use them. They all show a different side of me. Anyways, with all that said, I have a quote to share.

"Your name is in the mouth of others. Make sure it has teeth."

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Grammer and spelling. I looked back and nearly tried to choke myself out for the mistakes.

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Oof I thought I responded to this, but I appreciate your reply. I think names are something that are intrinsic to who we are and they just kind of go unnoticed. 

And I like that you recognize what led to all of them. And thanks for the great quotes. 

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This topic hasn't taken off much.

I never gave myself a screen name. I think it's because I just want to be real. I want people to just know ME. Not who I pretend to be so I don't have an alias to hide behind. I used to change the way I spoke because kids around me didn't know some of the words I used. I didn't want to seem uppity so I simplified my speech around certain people and I let it out with others.

I'm just Zion Mesa.

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Nice, I like it. 

And yes it's a quiet topic. I'm working on getting more people to be active on the server because those people who are here are quite the crew :)

and I appreciate the using your actual name. I use my name pretty much everywhere except games because I my friends can find me again easier if I keep my screen name. Joseph is a popular name for whatever reason :)

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Posted (edited)

Personally, I don't really being called on my actual name except at official places. That's kind of a long story why this is happening but ppl got used to it so I did.
As nickname, I use many.... If I remember right I have like 16 names in general. I'm not impersonating others and trying to be myself inside and outside of my names. At least a person will be still a person behind names right?

The one I use here have kind of 2 reading. Sands Light and Sand Slight. Two basic words just smashed together without a normal meaning together right? Since all ppl have two sides and the good comes with the bad and the opposite, I had to find a balanced version of it.. And so there we go. Sands Light supposed to be a positive and Sand Slight supposed to be a negative 'reading' of it. It's also fun who finds which first for the first reading. This name is a memory for an old who lived in the mountains years before. I used to deliver food and help him since my young ages and I did this for 14 years.

Plus after all I have a respect related reason why I wouldn't call anyone on her or his real name online. I mean i do but only if I'm being asked to do so. I think a name of a person is a respectful aspect of someone which may be shared with other people as well but that version of it is his or her name after all. If she / he decides to share it, then it will be shared but even if that person shared it with me in private, I wouldn't call it out loud in the public since it's something that person shared with me privately and not a thing for public places online.

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