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Oh I see, sorry for the late reply. hmm hmmm 
Good question I think a popular anime right now is Cells at Work, and I quite like it. ^^


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Steins: Gate is an anime I always meant to watch since I was younger, but never got to LOL
There's a lot of those ;o 
Thats what I use Kitsu for mainly LOL
I don't wanna forget them, because I still aim to watch it no matter how much time has passed
As for this season... I've been behind in getting to know whats going on >o<

I'll have to look into them 
Lemme know if you are excited for any so I can look into it too ^^

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Steins;gate 0 is a very good show if you liked steins;gate, it requires a decent amount of explanation before you even start the series though. There was good sequels that I haven't watched for the most part like AOT 3, overlord 3, free 3 and my hero 3. Cells at work is surprisingly good and I'd definitely recommend that. If you're isekai trash like me isekai maou has been pretty good, though it should be noted that it's an ecchi. I've heard hanebado, banana fish and asobi asobase were good, but I haven't watched an of them. To finish it off high score girl and back street girls are supposed to be really good. That now concludes Narken's anime nerd out session.

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