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Kendra - Art stress

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Hey guys so this is sort of a rant and I just need to get this off of my chest. I am sorry if this is so long.

Recently I had my senior capstone review. I had to give my artist statement and show them the work I have been doing. One art piece in particular that I have more work to do on, is my favorite! The colors are bright and it feels tropical and so happy. But the one thing the professors said was that it seemed to be an outlire  because there were some harsher lines in the art work than my other ones.  My artist statement is about how flowers can be connected with emotions besides their color. People pass by flowers not really giving them too much attention and just say "Oh there's a pretty flower" and that's it, there is no feeling no emotion towards them. They said that it didn't seem exactly like watercolor and I honestly don't think that is a bad thing. They want the emotion from it but they want me to keep the watercolor look to it? Some of the flowers I did needed the watercolor look in order to portrait the emotion, the feeling I get from the flower. The way to show happiness, pure joy, and just feeling of warmth, is to not have as much watery look to it, I have already worked on the leaves a bit to look somewhat watery. I enjoyed painting these flowers but now, the more the professors nag about the smallest things that don't need attention to, is starting to wear me down. I have bit my tongue multiple times to keep me from giving a sassy remark. They are critiquing the work as professionals, but I am tired of hearing the same things. They make it seem that I didn't mean to make harsher lines in a couple of my works, but I did it on purpose for a reason.

 That is one of the things that I am worried about. The other thing is trying to create the frames for my artwork and so far I have 8 pieces of artwork finished but none framed. I have a couple more art pieces in the process. However, every time I ask my dad about the barn wood and making them, all he can say is "yeah we'll get to it, I have to go to your brother's basketball game". Or "can you watch Brother S and take Brother N to work and pick him up please?" The thing is I need to get going on this now because March 26 is when the senior exhibition goes up! I don't have much time left! Not only that but after telling my teacher Greg about using recycled barn wood he goes and says "Make sure that it doesn't outshine the artwork." or something like that. So now I have to worry about that! I don't even know what the wood looks like yet because my dad hasn't taken me out with the trailer to get the wood. Anyways thank you for reading this I really needed to get this off of my chest! Thank you and God Bless you~!


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