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Sparrow- District 68 Part 1

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*This story is a work of fiction. Similarities between characters or events to persons in your life living or dead are purely coincidental.*
The sun was setting in the small area of District 68. District 68 is a small village in the Canibe District, with a population of 200 people. Most of the people in the Canibe District are apart of the Spero clan. Only 2 districts have a different clan, District 69 and 70. Those districts keep to themselves, but on occasion they would try to recruit in the nearby districts. The Spero clan is what others would call a stone age tribe. They do not have supermarkets or fast food, they hunt for everything from food to gems. The Spero clan's  spirit animal is a sparrow, the sparrow symbolizes Courage, Respect and, Honor. 
    Every crime that is committed, goes to an organization that takes care of the justice system. A murder could lead to execution or banishment to District 15. District 15 is a reserved district for prisons. Banishment takes you out of all the districts and into a isolated island 500 miles west from the Canibe District. Banishment lasts from 1 year to 60. Every criminal is numbered 1-9 by how bad the crime is. 1 is as bad as killing a sparrow on accident. 5 is as bad as burning a whole village down but without killing anyone. 9 is the worst you can do, killing 5 or more people with murderous intent. 9 is execution with no chance for banishment. 1 is just a slap on the wrist.
    Everybody in District 68 treats everybody like family. When somebody new comes to the district they treat them with open arms. Unless they do something that goes against the law. Everybody in 68 was taught from birth to be accepting of every bodies differences. But if they break the law over a #4, you shouldn't talk to them anymore. 4 villages in the past 6 years have burned down due to arsonists. The homes in all the villages are not made of brick or stone. They made the houses out of wood and hay roofs. That makes every village able to burned by just a spark. 
     One day in District 68 a local named Hekai Nosumu woke up from a nightmare, District 68 was gonna be engulfed in flames. She was scared out of her mind, but just put it aside as a nightmare. "Wake up Hekai, Breakfast is ready!" said her uncle. "I'm coming!" Hekai replied.  Hekai walked out of her shack and walked to the dining house. As she was walking in, she felt a warm presence.  It felt as if a fire was nearby. She quickly looked behind her and saw the whole village on fire.


                                                                                                                                         END OF CHAPTER.

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