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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so here is my cover of Detective Detective for 30th October - Jolt I interpreted that as an abrupt shake in people's lives and schedule, such a bank robbery, stones (and/or hairclips?) being thrown windows or a kidnapping. (See what I'm getting at?) I used Inktober as something to make me actually get up and cover a Static P song, instruments and everything. So, I present the Detective Detective English English cover. Written by Static P Orchestrated by Jonno Taylor with help from F Taylor Performed by Jonno Taylor (Ps. I, Monkerstar am that annoying person on the stream who constantly tries to get everyone's attention. Surprise.) Jonno_Taylor_-__Detective_Detective_-_English_English_cover.mp3
  2. "Cole," the young blonde looked up from his bed as he heard his name being called, seeing the obscenely young teacher, Kanesaki Hyudou being the one who spoke to him, "do you mind talking with me for a minute?" "Uh... Sure, Mr. Hyudou." Cole said as he rose to his feet. Having stayed at his cabin for a trip, Cole and the Star Blush Girls had made quick friends with the people Kanesaki had brought with him, and yet the 18 year old teacher guiding him out of the cabin was something of a mystery (granted, his replacement for a manager was even more a mystery, with even his name being weird, but Cole didn't focus too much on that). When they were outside, the cool forest air greeted him, and yet when Kanesaki looked back at him, Cole found himself wondering what this was for. "You wanted to talk to me?" Cole asked him. "Yeah." He glanced away, red eyes unfocused. "I'm trying to figure out how to tell you this." "What's wrong?" Cole asked. "It's the detective." Kanesaki told him, looking back to him. "There's something you need to know about him." "What?" Cole raised his eyebrows. "He has a secret that he's told me. But I think you have a right to know." "What do you mean?" Cole asked slowly. "His real name isn't "Detective Detective"." Kanesaki closed his eyes. "Then... Why does he call himself that?" "It's something that's happened in the past. His friends had their share of problems too, and he got into solving mysteries because of it. Reporters would always flank him with questions, and a lot of fed into background noise over time, with everyone just yelling "Detective Detective" over and over to try and get his attention." "Why didn't he tell anyone his real name?" "To avoid confusion. I have to tell you this: His deductive skills are top-notch, but his memory has been getting pretty bad lately." "He seemed fine to me." "Maybe to you. But... He and I have known each other for a while. And we did a bunch of things together, with my family. One day though, everything changed." "What happened?" Cole asked. "My family is a group of people who specialize in different kinds of tech. And one day, he and I were playing around when we were younger, and we accidentally started something up. Something that... Sent us back in time." "Huh?" "The detective really got confused, but we were alive, and my family understood what had happened. They took care of us. But over time, he started to forget his own past, even the things he wished her could do now that he was there. You'd be surprised to hear that I had to remind him of the thing he wanted to change the most." "... What was it?" "The Idol Bombing. He wanted to prevent it from happening, but... Like I said. The time travel really messed with his long term memory." "O-Okay." Cole crossed his arms. "Let's just say... I believe you. I believe your family created a time travel device thing. What exactly does that have to do with me?" Kanesaki glanced away. "His name. You wanted to hear it?" "Yeah." Cole said. He looked at him for a moment, then gave a blunt answer. "His real name is Cole." Kanesaki told him. "He's you." "................................!!!"
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