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About Me

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  1. Friends it had been a long time since I've had words of encouragement for you. So I've returned with more. Words to uplift and help you get going. So, today, I want to talk about the long journey, the long road ahead. It's the path that takes you where you want to go, but often has detours you didn't plan in your route. Perhaps you are in one of these detours right now. So I'm going to tell you what I tell my wife when I get lost... Well take the way didn't expect. "We aren't going to wrong way, we're just going a different way." I say this because I think today some of us need a reminder that maybe this isn't the path you thought you would take, or maybe you've been this way many times and some how you got off track just today. But it doesn't matter. Maybe you too detour to the drug store, maybe you took a detour and left your family at the corner of Heartache and Pain. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter which turns you've made. It's about the turns you are making. If I know the destination I want is in the East, I probably don't want to keep heading West. If I know that I want to have a loving family, I know that I can't keep pushing them away. And I know what you're thinking, Joe I made a wrong turn and I'm about to run out of gas how am even supposed to make it back in the right direction. Well then friend you need to stop at a gas station. If you're feeling worn down, beat up, hurting, whatever it is. This is the place to refuel, recharge, and replenish. And maybe it's not here maybe you don't like Marathon, but Shell is more your thing. That's fine too, but we're just want to make sure you get where you're going. The road and life you have is a long one, there's no reason to spend it trying to push your car. Spend time with people who are going to give you the energy and the ability to get where you are going no matter how many wrong turns, detours, and missed exits you have. I'll see you out there on the road. Drive safe. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
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