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  • Hi there! /bo
    Static-P, here.

    I'm currently enrolled in a program, called See The Kanji, where I'll be learning to read 2000+ Kanji (Japanese symbols/words) in a month.

    Is it possible? 

    Well, In a weeks time, I learned over 300 kanji without much difficulty.
    I have personally witnessed another, further in the program, learn 150+ kanji in just about an hour and a half. That same person is, now, well above 2000 kanji.
    At first, I figured he must be some kind of genius... but after trying the program, myself, I was very supersized to see even myself excelling beyond what I thought was possible! 

    This program is actually pretty amazing! I can look at random pages or things around my room and pull off words and sentences that I was completely unable to read, before. Even new kanji just starts to fall in place as if it's no big deal. 

    I heard that if you go through college to learn Kanji, the average learning rate is roughly 120 kanji a year... To do 2000 in a month would be extraordinary. =O ... Not to mention a giant time AND money saver. (college is really expensive.
    /swt3) lol

    They're currently open for enrollment, if you wanna try out the program yourself. 
    Click this link to sign up! : https://pdf.ac/5SAXoY

    If you find that it's not for you, there's a full refund guarantee if you try it and you don't like it within 7 days.

    Unfortunately, the spots are limited so act fast!

    (Is this an advertisement? Yes. ^^  I get a kickback for anyone who goes through the program but I also really believe in this program. If you give it your best, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.)