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  1. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    Hope, despair, and The Destroyer of The World.
  2. Heyo!

    Hi new person! Welcome to this magical place.
  3. Favourite Puns/Jokes

    Glad this is still alive.
  4. HI HI~

    I'm kinda new too I think. Welcome to this magical place of magic and music.
  5. Why is everyone so far away:(

    A random meme:
  6. Freely, in the forums! >:)

    Also by the way, I think it's good! I hope you continue your work!
  7. Freely, in the forums! >:)

    First time I've heard of "DnB." Mind telling me what it means? Would you mind if I use it as background music for a game video?
  8. Kairyn's art

    Aye aye nice job mate!
  9. About The Progress of the Manga for Criminal Idol

    Nice job! You're from the Philippines? Interesting.
  10. A regular day in the Star Blush Girl Club

    Apparently, they needed a box which had the name "box" written on it, as if it wasn't obvious.
  11. Finals

    Ok I'm gonna wish you luck. Good luck!

    Bee is my favorite out of the four.
  13. Anime Chat room

    @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】Ohhh thank you Lord! It's Static-P! OwOwOwOwOwOwOwOwOwOwOwO Big thanks man for all the songs that you have made. All the choices you have laid have led me here.
  14. Heya

    Whooaaaaaaaaaaaa it's Static-P! *Dies of excitement*
  15. Poetry I Guess?

    Noice one mun.