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  1. I was hanging out with my brother and we ended up singing some songs together- I found out he also listens to StaticP so he chose Sugar Popped Sunshine as one of the songs we practiced for the night (because, according to him, it was stuck in his head since it was my alarm and he hears it almost every single morning because of that). I jokingly said I'd share it here but-- he said "oh cool why not?" So here I am-? xD;;; It was really late when we recorded this, and my mic- or maybe it's my recording program? Isn't the strongest (it was a headphone mic that I was holding between the two of us), so we're kinda soft. I'm the higher voice, and my brother's the low voice. Sorry for the low quality! We really just decided to sing on the spot, so you can hear us laughing/trying not to laugh and just make random noise or just talking in the middle of this- we didn't plan anything ehehehe >w>;; I'm not sure how to share sound files here so I used my gdrive since I didn't want to make a video just to upload this to youtube ;; Sugar_popped_sunshine_1.mp3
  2. I really like how you wrote their interactions! I couldn't stop laughing when Aoke kept trying to prevent Cole from leaving- and I like how the "box of protection" was used here too. It made my night a lot better, and I ended up rereading it a few times because of how funny this was- it really matches the song!
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