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  1. Congratulations to everybody that won! Even if I didn't get anything myself, having an honourable mention was still, well... an honour. This *was* just for fun after all. Kinda expected not to get anything =P. Though I probably won't draw anything too often, as I can never think of things to draw (even during Inktober, I had so many ideas that were out of my skill level), so apologies in advance if you don't see my art again. Thank you for all the great content that was made during this past October. Sincerely, The one and only Keiko
  2. This is my entry for day 30! The topic for today was Jolt, so I instantly thought "What better than a jolt of electricity?". In light of this idea, I remembered Taokaka's sprite of being electrocuted in Blazblue, so I just drew that. What sensible cat-person doesn't have fish in their sleeves at all times? Nobody? Just me? Alright then.
  3. Today's drawing for the 25th! The topic was prickly, so I drew a prickly cactoos (cactus, but said weird), cuz those are pretty prickly... right?
  4. My new entry for day 18! Today's topic: Bottle! For this topic I instantly thought of a Pop/soda bottle, so that's what I drew. An oddly proportioned bottle of cola/pop/soda/whatever the hecky you wanna call it.
  5. My entry for day 16! Since the topic was angular, I decided to do something that I like to do just for fun! What I do is draw a cube, then draw more cubes extending off of it. It's fun!
  6. I forgot to draw for yesterday, but no matter! The entry for day 14 is here! I didn't have any bright ideas for drawing a clock, so I just drew a clock that I saw in my physics classroom at school, which is like this weird backwards clock. Enjoy!
  7. Entry for day 12! Topic: Whale! Look at this cute boi. He's just a nice whale waiting for a good friend to keep him company
  8. My entry for day 11, cruel! How dare someone steal someone else's cookie?! I can't believe them!
  9. I got a little lazy today, but whatever, I liked the outcome. This is the entry for day 10: Flowing! I drew a brave (stick) adventurer, taking a break during his journey, next to a nice river.
  10. Entry for day 6! The spoopiest ghost girl has fallen asleep on the job, and she apparently doesn't know how to sleep with her mouth closed. XP
  11. My entry for day 5! The topic was chicken, so I drew a chicken. To make it more halloween themed, I drew a witch chicken. Not good at colouring so i left the chicken blank.
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