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  1. Story I wrote for a class

    Good story. Good job!
  2. 3 word Storys

    Garrett the Parrot
  3. 3 word Storys

    power of Jojo
  4. A good dream

    Maybe you played Spooky's House of Jumpscares all the way to the end?
  5. 3 word Storys

    Persona 5 memes
  6. 3 word Storys

    fifty Chaos Gems
  7. 3 word Storys

    power of funk
  8. A good dream

    I looked it up on dreamdictionary, but this doesn't describe you at all, does it?
  9. Murder Explosion King

    Huh. Well, it still looks good.
  10. Murder Explosion King

    Good work dude!
  11. A good dream

    I believe what happened near the end was that one of the site members got drunk and decided to do a magic trick, but couldn't find a saw, so they decided to get an axe, stuff you inside the box, and try the box magic trick.
  12. About The Progress of the Manga for Criminal Idol

    King Arthur truly was a great king, if he held up his end of the bargain.
  13. Dr. Kansen (OC): "Pulling Through Together"

    The lower case letter "v" looks a bit like "b" in Old English font, so it's actually "favor". XD