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  1. Take a rest, already!

    Are you the type of person that fills every moment of your life? Busy, busy, busy... Some of us pride ourselves on being busy as if it somehow means we're successful... WRONG! A busy person may or may not be successful, but I can almost guarantee that they are EXHAUSTED! Believe me... I understand... I am one of those busy types of people, scurrying about, trying to get things done. For a while, I even tried to train myself to live on 3 hours of sleep per night... In the wise words of @Kyle, "That might not be the best idea.". He was right. Weird things started to happen after about a week: random hallucinations, waking up in strange places, etc. I have come to the conclusion that getting good rest is pretty important. Don't get me wrong, it's good to strive, to work hard, giving everything you have in pursuit of a good achievement. If you want to accomplish anything, you will be REQUIRED to work hard. Just remember to take a break once in a while. Shift gears, enjoy silence, meditate, pray, sleep, something that helps you recuperate. Just be sure to detach from your task so you will be able to come back with a fresh perspective. Taking a rest is not laziness. In fact, we get some of our most important ideas during these times. With that in mind, stopping to do nothing may be one of the most productive things we do!! Just be sure to get going again afterward. =)
  2. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    True! Wasting time IS the Destroyer of The World! Unless we collide with another planet or a star...
  3. new person here

    I LOVE THAT SONG!! I think listening to it for an hour is probably helping you more than any of us can! Welcome to our community! There are awesome people here!
  4. Count to 100

    Great job everyone!!
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    44 x 2 +1
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    +1 = 81
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  11. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    It's true @Talen, our emotions have a way of blinding us to a certain degree. If you have some kind of productive way to channel that emotional energy, you will bring some wonderful things to the world!! Never forget the fact that you are an amazing creation, and many here love you!
  12. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    @Hoiitsme!! Thank you for being here with us! I'm so glad that you help those around you. The world needs people like you that are willing to take action -- especially when people need you! You're awesome!
  13. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    Thank you for your kind words @DrMango!! I generally just copy stuff I learned from people that are smarter than me... Wisdom abounds in the world around us if we keep our eyes and ears open!
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    neuf... baguettes
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    cinco de mayo