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  1. No need to be anon, I just prefer to send it through here because it's practical Anyways, two years ago I was on my Senior year on high-school and I had a huge crush on a girl from my class, she ended up making friends with me and I got pulled into her friend circle, it was probably the best thing in the entire year for me. But I'm kinda... terrible at feelings and I just kept the crush to myself, avoiding showing many signs because teenagers and logic don't always fit together, after 9 months I told her and the answer was an "I already have a boyfriend" which might or not have been a cop-out so I just assumed it was a sugar-coated no since I had absolutely never heard of this guy and our friends were surprised when they heard about this guy some time later, I took it in a stride and just told her "It's fine, I'll handle myself now", and everything just continued the way it was before. The year was over and both of us are pretty bad at maintaining contact, so we drifted apart over time, occasionally we'd interact in Facebook and I still liked her (Yeah, "getting over it" isn't and idea my brain seems to like) a bit, about a month ago I decided to just randomly contact a few friends and obviously she was included, we talked for a bit and everything seemed fine, it was somewhat late so we had to postpone the convo, but after that responses were more and more delayed (I'd try to message her when she was out of her work as a babysitter and she... well, can't speak for her), Eventually she stopped reading my messages completely and I tried sending a few just to get the notification to pop again for her because she claims to just forget to respond sometimes. It wasn't the first time someone decided to just start ignoring/avoiding me and it was all way too similar to when that happened. I tend to try to see my own mistakes in a situation first and foremost, regardless if they were what caused it or just bullet points I need to keep in mind, and for this I couldn't shake the feeling that I had screwed up somewhere for this to happen, maybe it was just awkward since she knew I liked her, maybe I had been a bit too curious about her situation and not willing enough to share my own (I don't have the tendency to talk about myself since I mostly enjoy playing my games and talking about them feels odd), maybe I was not frequent enough with the texts and ended up feeling distant, among other things. It might have not been fun at all to be ignored in the other situation but at least it wasn't someone I was too close with, so I didn't pay too much mind to it, but I was getting anxious about it when it came to her, eventually I got sick of it and decided to close contact, I explained my reasoning and apologized for anything I might have unintentionally done and cut off my contact with her without blocking in case I was just being overly sensitive or letting emotions cloud my reasoning. About a month later, here we are, I got no response at all, might be the case she didn't read that one either, might be the case she was trying to avoid me and it just worked might be the case I' just being paranoid, regardless, it doesn't feel like I resolved the situation correctly, I could have just stopped too and left it to die down again, a part of me wants to add her again but another (Much more sane) thinks it's just the loneliness talking and that going back is a terrible idea for the both of us. Anyways, enough wall of texting, did I act too based on impulse? did I misjudge the situation? did I actually do the right thing and shouldn't be spending any more time over this situation (Despite knowing very well I will)?
  2. Hi, first just wanted to say thanks to you both for the dww videos with their good advice and all of both your songs. Submission part - I struggle to make deep friendships with people, I’ve slowly lost all childhood friends through the years from either lack of connected interests or them moving away. Next school year at lunch I’m either gonna be sitting alone or with one other loner kid who I don’t really have anything in common with. I’ve tried joining clubs, online communities, all of that but I’m just naturally silent and always blend into the background. My last friend before he moved away had a large social circle and tried to get me into it but I’m just awful at small talk and talking about things I’m completely unfamiliar with. Sorry I know this is way too long to fit in the box and I’m not sure I presented this in a way where it could even be answered well.
  3. This is a short topic but my family has a disease called Alzheimer's and I'm worried that the people that i love can get it even me. My grandpa also has the disease and its been difficult since he can't even speak full sentences anymore it's been tough on me but i just keep positive all the time. I don't know if I should just keep the positivity act.
  4. I had a friend that I was really close to and she ended up stopping hanging out with me because her parents thought it would be best. It killed me because of how close she was to me and I'm not sure how to get past the pain.
  5. I always found myself to be a clingy person. I like to have few friends, but really close best friends. But lately I've noticed that every single time I talk to them, I'm the one who starts up conversations. I've asked before and they say that I'm not annoying to them. And during the day I could find myself starting a conversation every 4 hours. I wonder if I never started a conversation for a week, if nobody would talk to me. My friendships are one of the most important things in the world to me. But it worrys me to think that it's one sided. Whenever I try to look for an answer online, it says be a clingy person is bad. It could make people bored of me, you end up doing all the work in the relationship, and that you end up depending on others for happiness. But I find being clingy part of my personality. At the moment it seems all my friendships are doing great. But I fear that me being clingy could cause everything to crumble around me. (And I have had close people to me begin to treat me badly because of my clingy tendencies) How would I even train myself not to be like this? Should I being worried about this behavior? Or am I just overthinking everything?
  6. Hi Listori, You can try the chat button at the top of the screen... Hopefully that will work
  7. I've grown up very religiously my whole entire life, and from what my church teaches, its a sin to be gay. For the last couple years I've realized that I am in fact bisexual. And since than I've been able to realize how homophobic everyone in my church, and my family are. And all of the comments that are made I can't help but take personal. And I've actually been told by my mom that if I don't follow her rules I will be kicked out. And part of her rules are obeying our church. All the time I hear hateful homophobic comments from people that I care about. And I feel that the hate is personally attacking me. Also week after week, going to a place where I know that I am hated, and sitting and feeling, hate is difficult. And whenever I hear comments about sexuality I feel hated. I don't know if God exists, all I know is how I am. And the feeling I have towards people of the same gender of me is real. I've grown severely depressed. And I have severe anxiety. (I'm not blaming that on this situation alone, theres been a lot of stuff) Also I am 18, but I can't find a job, and I've been actively searching. So I don't know what to do. I am unable to move out, and would have nowhere to go. I am just scared. If all the people are true about what they say, I'll be hated by my family and church members, people I've known all my life, and that I care about. And the possibility of being kicked out of my house is one that seems to be very real. But otherwise it feels that I'm holding a secret in, and that feels very heavy. Every day I just feel fake. Its kinda hard to express how difficult this situation is on me. The question: Should I continue to hide my sexuality from the people around me, and feel the hate indirectly pointed towards me, or should I come clean, and feel the hate directly pointed towards myself, and possibly have the fate of being kicked out of my house with nowhere to go? (I understand that both static and CDVNL are Christian and am not accusing the two of you of being homophobic, I am only speaking in context of the church I go to.)
  8. Happy belated birthday, Joe! 🎂

    Sorry for being late. Hope you'll be doing great this year as well and I'll the best for you.

  9. Great work, Princess!! I love the tone of your voice, and your harmonies are awesome!
  10. "QBQ - The Question Behind the Question" John G Miller Some great insight in this book as you continue your mission of helping others be happy. Thanks for the great topic, Kendra!!
  11. Hey Science! Here are some good books that could help: How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People - Les Giblin Success With People - Cavett Robert (powerful stuff - borderline manipulation) Personality Plus - Florence Littauer The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook - Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves Hopefully some of these can help out! I would start with the Les Giblin book if you haven't read it yet... Good Luck!!
  12. How do you stop self suppression? ...thoughts, feelings, emotions, wants, desires, etc.
  13. So I've been moving on with my life but I woke up to a couple of friends distrusting me. They asked my help to find a person since I was close to her last night and she was missing. But it kinda caught me off guard to know that her secret was told to a stranger. So there I was, being a prime suspect. It showed me how little they trusted me. It's resolved now, but it kinda saddens me to know how little I meant to them. I was asked for help only to get accused later.
  14. i lost a lot of my happiness because i have bursts of anger. every time i try to fix it i go back to it kinda sucks.
  15. So, I'm asking out of curiosity, because I'm in a weird spot with my... acquaintance. We had a massive arguement between the two of us once, so much so that we considered ourselves our mortal enemies. Well... Recently I went out to most people I hated IRL and decided to fix our relationships. We had a long talk and I think we hit a good note. Today, she did the weirdest thing ever. She got offended over me saying I have a girlfriend... Like, what? She hung up whenever I said that and blocked me everywhere. My first thought... She couldn't have pulled a 180° on me, could she? from enemy to a lover in less than a week, right? Right? I'm lost and worried. What do I do? enemy to a lover in less than a week, right? Right? I'm lost and worried. What do I do?
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