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  1. i had a bad day today. i worked on an art project collab for class only to make it not fit with anyone elses and ended up awful, despite my effort. i feel work deprived right now. ^_^) i feel tired rn. im worked deprived cuz i work so hard to make many ppl proud of me, ppl who mean to me, but i dont get a lot of credit out of it. sometimes none at all.
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    six hundred, eighty-six
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    What is Your Programming??

    Have you ever noticed that some days you feel really great, and others are just sort of... meh...? Other times, we can feel absolutely defeated, and we don't even want to get out of bed. I, for one, have been in all of these positions many times. I recently was reminded of a principle that I had learned and apparently forgotten somewhere along the way... That is; Our lives are based on our habits... Our habits are based on our actions... Our actions are based on our thinking... Our thinking is based on our PROGRAMMING. Our programming is the main influence that determines the outcome of our lives. So, what are you programming yourself with? Is it positive or negative? Do you spend a lot of time watching the news, or reading everyone's complaints on the various social media platforms? Or, do you take time to watch or listen to something uplifting? Yesterday, I binged on a podcast that went through some histories of organized crime in various cities around U.S. While it was entertaining and easy to get sucked into, later that day I felt down and uninspired... Not depressed or discouraged, just... meh. It was a big wake up call that I probably need to ingest some better media!!! I mean, if I'm here at BSS, trying to create media that uplifts and inspires all of you, than I need to be on top of my game here!! This is one reason that I LOVE Static-P's material... He takes something uplifting, and makes it very entertaining. He has a way of creating something that is easy to binge on, while also leaving you with an empowered and uplifted state of mind. Your mind is a most powerful tool. You've been given a great gift, and you get to choose how you use it. I'd encourage you to pay attention to your programming and the resulting feelings you experience. Really pay attention!! You will begin to notice the connection, and hopefully you will find some programming that builds you up instead of tearing you down. Our pledge is to continually create the uplifting kind of media. We're glad you've found us! Hopefully you are too!!
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    Two New Releases!

    Austin! I love your style -- Tremendous work, my friend!! Keep it up!
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    Your Launch Pad

    Hey everyone!! I recently read a quote from High Point University president Nido Qubien. He said: "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." I absolutely LOVE this statement, and it goes so well with many things we've talked about on our Don't Worry Wednesday streams. So many times, we need to be reminded that the situation we are in at any given time is a TEMPORARY situation. It WILL pass. The key question is, what are you learning from your current state that can help you move forward? The way that president Qubien puts it takes this sentiment even further, by helping us to understand that each circumstance can be a new starting point -- a LAUNCH PAD, if you will... What I would ask any of you is: Where are YOU going? What is your DREAM? When a rocket launches into outer space, we don't think about the launch pad much, if at all. The important thing in the forefront of our minds is the mission!! So many times, I've been trapped into looking at my current state, thinking about it until I get discouraged, and eventually getting stuck there -- crippled by self-doubt and disbelief. Why spend so much time looking at the LAUNCH PAD!?!? Why not focus on my mission? Why not focus on my dream life? Why not focus on my eternity? It would do us all a TON of good to remember these wise words: "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." ~LOVE
  6. Post your thoughts here!! YAY!!
  7. I've been dating this girl online for about a year now. We've gotten really close, but recently she kinda disappeared. I keep getting really depressed (I don't like using that word), lonely and tired all the time. I hate it. I keep having horrible thoughts like maybe she hates me or she died. I'm not sure. It scares me. Any help? ~Spring (from 5/2/18 episode)
  8. I kinda asked this girl out, and we said we may go out. Then someone else asked her out and she said no to him. I don't want to seem like a bad person... Should I wait to go for her or ask her straight out? ~Yoyikemilk Athiest (from 5/2/18 episode)
  9. I have a vision impairment and my friend has albinism. We are very close, but she is getting depressed about it. Can you give me any advice to help her? ~Ryan Ingham (from 5/2/18 episode)
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    The Friends You Don't Know

    I'm a Real One!!! Count me in!!
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    Princess Yellow - Friend overstaying welcome.

    Yeah, I was working on the segment today and noticed that it wasn't on the website yet, so I put it there.