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    Ray put it very well, but since I've gotten so much help from you guys in the past, I feel like I need to give something back. I know what it feels like, to have your house not feel like a home, to have it feel hostile, even. It's good that you put this out and asked for help, or advice. Even if it feels like talking or being with other people only worsens your relationship with them, you shouldn't cut off contact from everyone. You need friends, and if you think you can be too clingy, maybe edge yourself back into it, but you said you were afraid of everyone leaving you. If you don't make any connections, you will be alone. Also, being afraid of being alone is not "caring too much", not being indifferent to someone you know becoming distant isn't an overreaction, it's natural! You constantly play off your own issues by saying it's not worth our time to read this. I want you to know that your problems DO matter, and even though some may have it worse, you do not, you only have what you have experienced, and these issues ARE important. I'm sorry your parents are homophobic, and how you feel detached. I know how it feels to sudden;y not be able to trust your parents. They should be there to protect you, not fear monger and especially not disown you! That's terrible that they would even threaten something like that, just because they don't agree with something about who you are! In conclusion, I want you to know you are very brave to put this out, especially being the first back in this section. Your problems DO matter, and we do care about your welfare, I'm so sorry you have to feel like this, but I can't help you any way directly, I can only support you, which I intend to do as much as needed. I sincerely hope things do get better, and I wish you so much luck in the future