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  1. Count to 1000!

  2. Count to 1000!

  3. Count to 1000!

  4. Song Connections

  5. Sail On

    @Static, you were behind the camera for some of this too. :-)
  6. Welcome, new and old

    Yes, welcome back, we appreciate you ALL.
  7. I Like the songs listed over in FILES, ....

    Makes sense, no need to confuse the community, ... but I.AM.easily.conf...err...distracted. :-)
  8. Sail On

    Really cool how the video goes when the lyrics "For what's in store..." occur. Quite clever.
  9. Will those also be found here, OR is this where I can DISCUSS Static's songs?
  10. Welcome!!

    Tremendous Joe, cause I AM down, thank you for the reminder.
  11. Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    For those not familiar, or who haven't clicked over to the Guidelines, see below: Keep it clean. Don't be mean. Keep it awesome. Don't be uhhhhhh..... opossum?
  12. Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    I agree, and accept the guidelines.