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  1. Typing failure

    When you're checking out beverages and end up with this: CocaCoal.com is for sale
  2. Nyxl

    Yes, welcome back
  3. What'cha Reading There?

    "Simply Brilliant" by William C Taylor, (Co-founder of Fastcompany Magazine)
  4. Good Music (real one)

    Outside of Black Static and Swerve/ Static P, I recently checked out the new releases from Queens of the Stone Age, and LCD Soundsystem, both have some great tracks and both have some "Bowie-esque" sounding songs.
  5. Recently viewed films

    Good discussion, circled back to an older movie "The Sandlot" yesterday.
  6. debt free

    Celebrating accomplishments is important. Do it in proportion to the accomplishment. Congrats on slaying that debt, always crucial these days. Skipping such steps (treating yourself to a reward) sometimes can make you intentionally or unintentionally less likely accomplish a future goal.
  7. 9.9 out of 10 awesome artwork, BUT is anything in this world truly perfect? ... Certainly appreciated though!!!!
  8. 3 word Storys

    the maiden fainted
  9. Nyxl

    @Nyxl, we appreciate you being in this community. You rock.
  10. How do I help in this case?

    Don't WORRY tomorrow is Wednesday
  11. Hope, Despair, and Wasting Time

    @Joe this Daily Dose has had me thinking for the past few weeks, and I think I've gathered some reflections to share back. Joe the Moderator, congrats, I am happy that you find joy and satisfaction in this task.This is an outlet for some of your many skills. My work, for now, fortunately doesn't intersect your challenges of the range of emotions, except for perhaps frustration, when the webusers expectations aren't met. I get to digitally journalize (mostly audio) along with stories and videos about topics which I am employed to cover. I would say your evaluation of "Stuff Happens" thru "Problem Solved" is pretty spot on. The Emotional Reactions can vary based on personality style, from introverts to extroverts, task driven to people driven individuals. AND the Emotional Reactions can also vary by the person's EQ (emotional quotient) or EI (emotional intelligence). So many things to think about for one's self, and also to empathize when considering others. :-)
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