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  1. Count to 100

  2. DND character complete <3

    Okay, this is definitely great, worth of entering in the mythic drawings category of ro-chan xD !
  3. I saw wonder women yesterday

    I don't know, is it really a must watch x) ? I've the flegm to decide if that's interesting XD
  4. How did you find Static-P?

    Welcome in the awesome club ro-chan !
  5. Starblush Coffee

    I don't think but maybe somewhere in paris ?
  6. The Banned Game

    Banned cause I don't think he is a horse x) !
  7. Starblush Coffee

    france x)
  8. Profiles

    O.O wait ? japanese use traditional chinese ?
  9. Starblush Coffee

    I didn't even know their existence before being on this forum XD
  10. Favourite Puns/Jokes

  11. Count to 100

  12. don't know the english name x) !
  13. Previews of: Detective Detective

    I had a math professor who was the replica of tintin !
  14. Profiles

    nop chinese baka = japanese malu = chinese
  15. Evolution of Static-P

    XD, your acting too cute ro-chan, take care to not follow the man in the van x) !