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  1. Just a suggestion

    With Dream On! Ryan shows us we might not even need female singers. I'm not against the idea but goddamn... he can sing... like... really well... well we always knew that right?
  2. Some random videos

    So the school decided to install Adobe on my laptop and with it came Premier Pro. And so I tried messing around with it for some videos. One because Made In Abyss Episode 10 killed me, one because I'm a horrible (memes) person (also spoilers so don't watch that until after Made in Abyss Episode 10) and one because of school. My channel is here and I just want some opinions. Also, my classmates say the videos are quite funny but I want to try and get better so any feedback would be appreciated; which includes negative feedback so feel free. Thank you so much if you could spare the time :D
  3. The current mystery

    Awesome but I'm still guessing motives. I agree but what does Star Blush Girls have to gain by framing themselves? The new video also talks about things falling apart and while I don't suspect Hareka or Aoke (orange & blue), I'm not so sure about Bee or Keoki. Maybe because they've barely appeared but I'm a tad... hmm. And while aspiration of Hareka and Aoke are honourable (Inspire the world and be a choreographer), Bee's desire to "Help her friends" (maybe through any means) and Keoki's drive to "be an idol" (maybe through any means) can be seen in darker light. Idk I'm tired so this maybe sleep-induced paranoia. Very nice... very nice indeed. :D
  4. Something doesn't add up...

    ... I thought this cuteness could only exist in anime...
  5. A silent voice

    I think the main thing needed for a movie to make you cry is empathy for the main character. Sorry but I just didn't find the main of Koe no Katachi to be all that sympathetic (please discuss why) but to me, he was just unlikeable. I won't say anything about the mature exploration of themes of bullying, trauma, acceptance, etc. (clap clap clap) but Ishida Shouya was never particularly sympathetic to me, and being the main character it was kind of important for him to be. Please give me examples but I could not see how he was any nicer than a typical nice person and how *realistically* would everyone just forgive him like that. It seemed a bit unrealistic and it didn't help that the movie portrayed him in the beginning as the biggest pain which kind of shattered my empathy and suspension of disbelief for when the show did get dramatic. I found the movie nice with pretty art and music but that unempathetic main character stopped me from ever crying during its runtime despite the multiple poignant scenes found throughout which is a shame because I like crying, considering the ending of "Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day" to be one of the best because the sympathetic, relatable yet layered and nuanced characters (gosh the love dodecahedrons if you know what I mean) along with Moe Jesus Menma all culminated in emotional climax and subsequent resolution that had me in tears. Onionhana: The Tears We Felt That Day. So yeah if you haven't you might enjoy Anohana (11 ep) as an alternative. Hotarubi (45 minutes) is also great but its more melancholic with its conclusion and the story has barely a plot. I've heard Clannad and Clannad: After Story are also both good but I quite haven't brought myself to watch those entire series. Also attached is for those who've seen Anohana, there's some stupid diagrams and an analysis of said Love Dodecahedron because I thought why not. Anohana Love Dodecahedron.docx
  6. The current mystery

    Sorry for the slow reply. I've been hibernating. I made a theory a while back that Aka sensei planted the bomb because of a small hint in "When Darkness Comes". Footprints changed going through different characters and I mistook circles with a stick to be a bomb with a fuse. It was just apples, Ryan said so. The comment was in response to you saying "I want to have my theorising crushed <3" Lemme say I was so sure that it could be an important clue to something since there wasn't a lot of information yet. It's not a great feeling so lemme say "Also no you don't"
  7. The current mystery

    There was something in the youtube comments of "Darkness Comes" that claims the match could have been a ruse or something else entiretly.... keep theorizing fellow theorist. Yeah Kanesaki is compelling lead with Aka Sensei out (still salty) and Nori not in the story at all besides setting up how Star Blush Girls was at the idol concert. I'm still hoping for a shyamalan twist though... Also no you don't, having an important clue to be a dud is just the worse.
  8. The Story So Far

    I'm back from my long slumber (a week of tests and essays). Firstly regarding that one message I made in "Profiles" thread. Yes, I did know they're just apples and yes I did know Ryan confirmed so himself, it was my theory and my thread. That was just to remark how there were still people guessing so in the comments which is fine I was just a bit salty... doesn't help that someone replied with the same theory just 12 minutes ago as of writing this............ moving on. Secondly regarding the next episode of Criminal Idol: Dream On!, appears to just reconfirm SBG's innocence in the bombings. Some conversation's between Cole and Detective with a bit of thoughts from Hareka. The lyrics is Downloads > Premium Downloads > Criminal Idol if someone wants to dissect each word for meaning. Finally there's some interesting thoughts by Dylan Stoll, Kenny, and mathig nihilcek in the comment's of When Darkness Comes. Well I'm going back to hibernation. I'll wake if some info comes up. Probably. Idk. Well. じゃあまたね
  9. The current mystery

    Self-hypnosis to erase his memory so he could solve the case................................. Sherlock you're outmatched.
  10. The current mystery

    I think the current mystery is how the bomb was set off without anyone seeing through the cameras. Meteor says they had heard a match but the cameras revealed no one was backstage to light it. Meteor is a bit fishy and I'm still not tempted to rule out Aka Sensei as a culprit despite her footprints just being apples.... I'm still so very sad about that.... Theory? There are too many unknown players to draw any kind of conclusion. We haven't seen Nori and Aka Sensei much outside their profiles. I would love to see what the early releases are but it's kind of hard to convince an adult to spend money on an internet forum membership at 15....... I can guess Episode 7: Dream On! is in there......................................................................................... I WANT TO SEE >.<
  11. Profiles

    Feels bad when you want to contribute to the community but school happens.... right now I can only do my part with the story revealing because it isn't a time sink as constantly contributing to the community. I probably won't get good content count or even good rep but if I can enlighten some people on a deeper meaning to catchy pop songs I'm alright with it. Bit disheartening it's not getting across tho...
  12. Hoi!

    ;( I thought it was an amazing easter egg or clue to the larger story. There aren't any good suspects. Kanesaki wouldn't invite DD along if he knew, Aka Sensei was just into apples, meteor might have done it but there aren't many clues or motive (to bomb your own performance), Star Blush Girls sorta proves innocence in "A Reason for Suffering" or they might just be liers (probs not), Cole has no motive (OR DOES HE??), DD has no motive (maybe self-hypnosis to forget he did it so he could solve the case .... yeah IDK) and Nori hasn't really done anything. Welp, I need more info to theorize. Can't wait for the next video :D Do you have any approximate date?
  13. The Story So Far

    I want to know... did Aka sensei plant the bomb to frame Star Blush Girls because she thinks they might have been a threat to the new Meteor group? Star Blush Girls would really have no reason to plant the bomb considering all they've done to get here. Come to think of it Nori might have been the one to "offer [them] a gig that led to fame" because he wanted someone else instead of Meteor at the top. Another point against Aka sensei is during her profile spotlight the lyrics are: "I know you know what you're thinkin'. (Uh!) I know you know that it ain't good." Coincidence? Right now Aka sensei was in at the night, she has motive and a lot of hidden messages saying it was her.
  14. The Story So Far

    Hidden Details of When The Darkness Comes: The footsteps do some interesting things throughout the video. Whoever they go through, the symbols on the sole changes. From the bright pink of Star Blush Girls, through Kanesaki it becomes more subdued gray with 2 stars (lazy genius makes sense), it goes through Nori it turns into $ symbols (makes sense because $ does appear in his profile background along with some Japanese characters I can't read), when it goes through meteor it turns into a circle with streaks resembling a meteor (the symbolism is genius I know :P), and its generic stripes for Cole... But here's the interesting part. When it goes through Aka Sensei it emerges as bright red with a circle and a fuse.... a bomb. Speculate away.... speculate away...
  15. The Story So Far

    Wait..... Why does it say send nudes???!!?!? Oh I'm scanning back through all the blackness in the Darkness comes to find anymore. Turn your brightness WAYYYY UP.