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  1. Sail On

    Me likes it, I can't imagine how long the editing took doe ._.
  2. Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    ya know whats better? idk, whats better?
  3. Welcome!!

    Wonder if this will be fixed doe, mweheh
  4. Hello Again!

  5. Guess it's my time to say Hi!

    welcome! Hope its fun for you as it is fun for me!
  6. The dragon is rawring

    Hope this place is fun for you too!
  7. Hello Again!

  8. Sharing is caring

    yes right here
  9. Welcome!!

    indeed we shall
  10. Welcome!!

    :thinking: Idk, did u?
  11. Welcome!!

    well u did -3-
  12. Welcome!!

    thanks! i o u
  13. Webpage Guidelines are Fair

    does u got a tummy ache