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  1. I might be bothering but i just wanted to say something important *cough* *drum plays* anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Ribbit :3

    1. Izu Iduko

      Izu Iduko

      say hi to my empty stream :^_^:


  2. About The Progress of the Manga for Criminal Idol

    @Zion Mesa That was actually really really beautiful. I wasn't expecting it but it really caught my ears. super super pretty! keep singing! =D <3
  3. Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】

  4. About The Progress of the Manga for Criminal Idol

    Wait. why would it be up to me!? xD
  5. Next criminal idol song.

    Thank you, Zion! ^^ <3 I could say the same about you and your songs... but... that's 'cause i haven't heard any. ^^; Would you like to share a song? =3
  6. Character Analysis

    I don't want to give anything away about the future episodes or solve any clues for you guys, but I think you guys are doing a wonderful analysis! The thing I can confirm is that you guys are definitely on the right track and I praise your character examination. You're the first ones, I know, to see that Hareka is acting out of character.
  7. Character Analysis

    I LOVE THIS!! <33333

    @Netto Hikari, a <3 for you, too. =3
  9. The current mystery

    I will acknowledge that it is an open-ended response and praise you for seeing it as such. Though I won't give you an answer as to why this is the case. ^^ Nicely done, Blackeye. Way to read between the lines, as the Detective himself urges you to do. ^^ <3
  10. Random Clue

    Karaoka Cola, for sure, though. =3
  11. Dream On! (Instrumental)

    Version 1.0.0


    Episode 7 of Criminal Idol.Instrumental version for karaoke and listening purposes.


  12. Nyxl

    We missed you!!! =O
  13. Nyxl

  14. Overgrown Docks

    Wow, @KyleSlashOne! I'm actually quite impressed! =D I think you did a fantastic job on this. The only critique i would have is to put a touch of reverb on the drums (specifically the high end ones) so as to blend them with the rest of the instrumentation. As they stand right now they sound like they were recorded in a separate room that the rest of the instruments. But that's my only critique. It actually sounds pretty great and exactly like what you were going for. =D Again, very impressed! Keep this up, my man! =D
  15. A Thing I Made a Couple Years Ago that's Pointless and I'll Never Monetize

    Ah! Sorry i missed this! I like it! =O It's got such a unique feeling to it! It's really great. =3 Like someone else said, would fit perfectly in a game. @Ayy-Knigm