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  1. Hello, Hola, Ozh, etc.

    Most of my music is what I tend to call “nonlinear melodic loops.” I write in ABC notation a lot; I find it easier than staff notation or manual sample-based composition. 🤷‍♂️ Here is an example of a piece I wrote recently:
  2. Hello, Hola, Ozh, etc.

    I'm not usually one for forums, but I thought I'd introduce myself here. I just found out about this place because of Static-P's Patreon message! I've transferred my pledge from there to here, and hope this helps Ryan's future efforts. I've been following the Criminal Idol series for a while now; my favorite one so far has to be A Reason for Suffering, even though I'm not sure why. Aside from that, I actually compose my own music! (It's nothing like Static's stuff.) I'm generally willing to talk to people if they talk to me first, but I don't usually start conversations on my own, so if you want to know any more about me, just ask!